One of the webloids is trying to create a romance between Brad Pitt and Ruth Negga, who are co-starring together in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Ad Astra. But Gossip Cop looked into the report, and we've exclusively learned it's all made-up.

"Angelina Who? Brad Pitt Grows Close To Sexy Irish Actress Ruth Negga," reads a new RadarOnline headline. The accompanying article says the pair have "formed an intense friendship" on the set of their new movie, and further suggests their relationship might blossom into a love affair. A supposed "source" tells the site, "Brad adores Ruth... and he bonded with her straight off the bat. They've been over to his place in Los Feliz for dinner numerous times."

The outlet's dubious insider continues, "Brad's super picky about who he hangs with these days, but in Ruth he's found a kindred spirit who challenges his intellect and 'gets' what he's trying to do from a movie perspective, too." And although Negga has been in a relationship with actor Dominic Cooper since 2010, the outlet's dubious insider tells the magazine, "If she wasn't attached, [Pitt would] date her, no question."

The seemingly phony source, however, goes on to contend that "Ruth and Dominic have had their ups and downs," adding, "so don't be surprised if this is Brad's next girlfriend down the line." Naturally, the tabloids have a tendency of creating nonexistent romances between co-stars, so Gossip Cop was suspicious of this latest article linking Pitt and Negga. Our doubts were confirmed after checking with multiple sources close to the situation, all of whom assure us the relationship between the Ad Astra stars is purely professional. This is simply a non-story.

Of course, Pitt has been incorrectly linked to a number of starlets in the time since he and Jolie split, so this latest inaccuracy about the actor's love life isn't shocking. Gossip Cop previously busted a cover story by RadarOnline's sister publication, Us Weekly, which wrongly reported Pitt was "secretly dating" Sienna Miller. We also debunked the webloid's other sister outlet, Star, after it falsely claimed Pitt was hooking up with Kate Hudson. This latest article is simply more fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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