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Brad Pitt Running Back Jennifer Aniston

(In Touch)

Brad Pitt is not "running back" to Jennifer Aniston, despite a tabloid cover story. One year after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, this tired love triangle narrative is being revived. But Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the baseless report.

The new cover of In Touch exclaims, "Overjoyed Brad: Running Back To Jen!" The front of the issue further teases, "The truth at last: He never stopped loving Jen," "What Brad told her about Angelina," and "His emotional apology & shocking offer." It's all designed to make readers think Pitt wants to romantically reunite with Aniston. And the phrase "the truth at last" is especially ironic since this tabloid so rarely offers anything resembling the truth.

Inside the edition, the gossip magazine alleges Pitt has "turned to his greatest love" and "hopes to forge a new relationship with his ex." The actor "wants and needs Jen in his life, especially during this trying time," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. Despite the implications, the outlet's supposed snitch insists, "Brad wouldn't dream of breaking up Jen's marriage" to Justin Theroux. Rather, maintains this specious "source," he's "leaning on her as a confidante now."

To kick-start this new dynamic, the publication's purported tipster contends Pitt called Aniston back in June and "flat-out apologized for all the heartache and pain he caused by leaving her for Angelina. He came off as genuinely sorry, and Jen was deeply touched." Another "grand apology" supposedly followed in a subsequent conversation, in which Pitt "even told Jen they might still be married if he were emotionally and physically present and sober" at the time their marriage fell apart. Now the former spouses are supposedly swapping design ideas and contemplating working on movies together as they've "reached a level of closeness and understanding that they never thought possible."

Naturally, the tabloid's "source" describes Jolie as "furious" over their bond, and adds of Aniston, "She's getting her well-deserved revenge. Jen's having the last laugh. She loves the fact that she's become his confidante." But to borrow a phrase from the magazine, here's the truth at last: In Touch has been trying to dupe readers with this same fan-fiction for months. In June, the outlet ran a cover story falsely announcing Pitt was "in love" with Aniston again and offered her an apology.

Those same claims were rewritten in August for another cover story about Aniston supposedly "breaking down" over Pitt's "love confession" and apology. And now in October, the same assertions are being spun for a third time, though this time the publication is actually stressing that they're just "friends." That is true. Aniston and Pitt are friends. But all of these other allegations are either greatly exaggerated or fabricated for the sake of attracting fans of the former couple. Pitt is not "running back" to his ex-wife in any way, shape or form, Gossip Cop is assured. A rep for Aniston exclusively tells us, "All of it is nonsense." And Pitt's spokesperson also confirms to us that the cover story is creative fiction and nothing more.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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