Brad Pitt Found “Replacement Son” In Tye Sheridan?

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Brad Pitt Tye Sheridan

By Shari Weiss |

Brad Pitt Tye Sheridan

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Brad Pitt has found a “replacement son” in actor Tye Sheridan, according to a ridiculous report from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this false story.

The claim comes from the National Enquirer, which contends in its new issue, “Lonely Brad Pitt misses his kids so much that he’s found a temporary replacement [in] his protégé, Tye Sheridan.” The actors first met while working together on the 2011 movie The Tree Of Life. Now, maintains the supermarket tabloid, “The superstar has really taken him under his wing.”

“Tye has become a willing stand-in for his boys,” a so-called “mole” claims to the gossip magazine. “He totally idolizes Brad! And Brad’s support is giving him the confidence to push his career to new heights.” The alleged “snitch” even claims Sheridan has “adopted Brad’s mannerisms, fashion and laid-back approach to life.” On the flip-side, the outlet maintains Pitt “yearns to have someone look up to him,” and further asserts “mentoring the X-Men actor is really lifting his spirits.”

To deceive readers, though, the outlet photoshopped two separate pictures of Pitt and Sheridan and digitally put them together to make it look as if they recently posed for a photo with one another. In truth, they haven’t been legitimately pictured together since their film came out six years ago. More importantly, the publication has misrepresented both Pitt’s relationship with Sheridan and his relationship with his actual kids.

The actor is in no way looking for a “replacement son,” and Sheridan has in no way become one. Pitt may no longer see his children every day, but they remain a vital part in his life. Mentoring a young actor is not going to replace that. And regardless, a source close to Pitt exclusively tells Gossip Cop that he has not formed this new bond with Sheridan. The claims about a “protégé” and pseudo-son are untrue.

The National Enquirer has been publishing erroneous stories about Pitt on an almost weekly basis since his separation from Angelina Jolie nearly a year ago. In one egregious cover story, the tabloid shamefully claimed Pitt was abusive to his kids. It’s telling that the magazine has never apologized for that falsehood, particularly given this new tale about Pitt supposedly becoming a father figure to someone else.

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