Brad Pitt still doesn't have a "replacement son" amid his custody battle with Angelina Jolie, despite a false report first spread exactly a year ago. In the time since, the actor has still been fighting for equal access to his children. But as Gossip Cop said 365 days ago, he's not parenting another kid in the meantime.

On August 17, 2017, we busted the National Enquirer for claiming Pitt found a "replacement son" in Tye Sheridan. The pair played father and son in 2011's The Tree Of Life. Sheridan was already 20 when this story was peddled last summer, but the supermarket tabloid alleged Pitt was so "lonely" and "misse[d] his kids so much" that his purported "protege" had now become a "replacement" for his actual children.

A so-called "mole" was quoted as saying, "Tye has become a willing stand-in for his boys." With Pitt's six kids living with Jolie, the magazine maintained he "yearns to have someone look up to him," and that "mentoring" Sheridan was "really lifting his spirits." Meanwhile, it was said the younger actor "idolize[d]" Pitt, and that he even "adopted Brad's mannerisms, fashion and laid-back approach to life."

What proof did the outlet have to support its narrative? The publication had none, besides a photoshopped picture that led readers to believe the former co-stars had recently posed for a photo together. In actuality, the tabloid took two separate images and digitally edited them together. As a simple online search shows, Pitt and Sheridan were last seen together at the premiere of their film more than half a decade ago. There was no evidence last year that they kept up a relationship, and there still isn't any now.

Regardless of his relationship with his actual children, it's quite obvious that Sheridan is not Pitt's "replacement son," as Gossip Cop rightly reported last year. The magazine was just trying to exploit his custody issues with Jolie. In fact, the outlet is still attempting to do so. In June, for example, the publication wanted readers to believe Jolie and Pitt were in a "custody crisis" over Neri Oxman when she had nothing to do at all with their latest court proceedings.

As a timeline of Pitt and Jolie's custody battle shows, things are particularly tense between the exes right now as the actor continues to strive for a joint arrangement. He's never sought to "replace" his kids, however, but just get more time with the children he already has. Whatever ends up happening, Gossip Cop suspects the National Enquirer will keep trying to sensationally twist the situation. And so we'll keep holding the tabloid accountable for its misinformation.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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