Did Brad Pitt Relapse On Weed?

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Brad Pitt smiling in a tuxedo at the Oscars

By Laura Broman |

Brad Pitt smiling in a tuxedo at the Oscars

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Brad Pitt did not relapse on weed last year, despite a bogus tabloid headline claiming otherwise. The story was completely made up. Gossip Cop busted it then, and the claim is even more outrageous now.

In an absurd article published in February of last year, the National Enquirer claimed that Pitt’s attempt at rehab had “gone up in smoke” (get it?) and he’s been smoking weed again since filming Ad Astra in 2017. A rather dubiously-sourced tipster apparently told the Enquirer that the actor went “too deep into method acting” for the movie and relapsed in his effort to “achieve to new levels of consciousness to match his high-altitude role” for the part…whatever that means.

Gossip Cop debunked the story, though such a ridiculous rumor kind of debunks itself. First, Ad Astra had absolutely nothing to do with marijuana. Second, Pitt discussed in a 2017 interview with GQ how he stopped smoking weed when he started his family, and how easy it was for him to quit. Third, a source close to Pitt assured Gossip Cop the allegation was “ridiculous.” The entire article was laughable.

The Enquirer’s assertion has only proven to be more insulting and untruthful with the passing year. From the release of his film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and on through awards season, Pitt has been increasingly open about his struggle with alcoholism and his journey to recovery. He revealed in September that he spent a year and a half in Alcoholics Anonymous following his split from Angelina Jolie. In a December, speaking with Anthony Hopkins in Interview Magazine, Pitt stated that he valued some of his past mistakes “because they led to some wisdom,” and described his alcohol use as “a disservice to [himself], as an escape.”

Most recently, Pitt credited his friend Bradley Cooper with helping him with recovery when Cooper announced his win for Best Supporting Actor at the National Board of Review awards in January. “I got sober because of this guy,” Pitt told the audience. “And every day’s been happier ever since.” If the Enquirer still thinks that sounds like someone who would willingly relapse for the sake of going “method,” the unreliable tabloid is sorely mistaken.

Brad Pitt, it seems, will never escape the tabloids, even when it comes to a topic as serious as addiction. Last August, Gossip Cop made a list of some of the many times we’ve debunked bogus stories from the Enquirer alone about Pitt’s sobriety. But it’s certainly not just the Enquirer: seemingly every tabloid at the supermarket checkout is overly invested in the sordid life the outlets imagine the star leads. As recently as two days ago, OK! claimed that Pitt was in part of a love quadrangle with Jennifer Aniston and two of her other exes, John Mayer and Justin Theroux.” Like all the others, Gossip Cop debunked this one as false.


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