What Brad Pitt “Really Thinks” About Jennifer Aniston Split From Justin Theroux Is Made-Up Story

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Split Reaction

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Split Reaction

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A certain website is predictably pretending to know what Brad Pitt “really thinks” about Jennifer Aniston’s split from Justin Theroux. Unsurprisingly, this reaction story is 100 percent made-up and “fabricated,” Gossip Cop is exclusively told by his rep. We can set the record straight.

As previously reported, Aniston and Theroux announced on Thursday that they’ve separated. The gossip media quickly tried to link Pitt to the split, since he is currently separated from estranged wife Angelina Jolie. Now HollywoodLife, of all places, is claiming to have “exclusive details on how he wants to be left out of it all.”

The site, which is nicknamed HollywoodLies for its tendency to manufacture phony tales, goes on to quote a fake “source close to the actor,” who supposedly asserts Pitt is “not happy that his name will be linked with hers again in all the coverage of Jen’s separation.” This almost assuredly fictional “source” further claims, “He knows he will be in the center of the tornado and he will do his best to avoid it and not address it.”

That begs a question: If Pitt wants to “avoid” the subject and not “address” anything linking him to Aniston, why on earth would a “source” purportedly “close” to him add fuel to the fire by talking to a gossip blog about the situation? It makes no sense to maintain he “wants to be left out of it all” while also claiming someone in his inner circle is dishing on the very subject. And like gossiping school children, the outlet ends its bogus article by asking readers, “Are you shipping that Brad and Jen get back together?”

Gossip Cop imagines HollywoodLies would love that, just so it can make-up more stories about them. That’s all that this is about — capitalizing on a hot topic. Aniston’s split is currently the biggest story in the celebrity news world and Pitt remains a highly talked-about star, especially in relation to his ex-wife. The online publication decided to exploit those factors by concocting this illegitimate “exclusive” about what he “really thinks” about her separation.

The truth is, HollywoodLies has no idea what he “really thinks” because no “source” who is “close” to him is actually discussing such a thing with anyone in the gossip media. In fact, as opposed to that outlet’s nontransparent and untraceable “source,” a rep for Pitt flat-out tells Gossip Cop on the record that the blog’s report is entirely “fabricated.” It actually reminds us of how the website acted following the actor’s split from Jolie.

Similar to now, the site made-up a bunch of fake narratives just to score traffic. In one instance, the outlet claimed Pitt was leaning on George Clooney for support when, in actuality, Clooney at the time didn’t even know about the separation. The blog had no real insight with Pitt then and still doesn’t now. He hasn’t publicly reacted to Aniston’s split, and if he ever does, it won’t be done through HollywoodLies.

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