Brad Pitt Quitting Hollywood For Art And Furniture Design Career?

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Brad Pitt Quitting Hollywood

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Brad Pitt Quitting Hollywood

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Is Brad Pitt quitting Hollywood for art and furniture design? That’s the sensational claim coming from one tabloid, which is trying to twist the actor’s hobby into a full-time career. But Gossip Cop can bust this story. A rep for Pitt confirms that, despite his love of architecture, the star is not leaving show business behind for a new occupation.

A headline in the latest edition of Woman’s Day Australia announces, “Brad Quits Hollywood… For Carpentry!” It’s clear from the very first sentence, however, just how bogus this article is. It begins, “He’s reunited with the love of his life, Jennifer Aniston, but Brad Pitt has also moved on from his split with Angelina Jolie by taking up a furniture project.” As reps have repeatedly told Gossip Cop, and as other reliable outlets have rightly reported, there has not been a Pitt-Aniston reunion.

And not only are the former spouses not back together, but Pitt’s love for designing furniture and other art pre-dates his separation with Jolie. In 2012, for example, Pitt teamed up with furniture-maker Frank Pollaro for a joint collection. That was long before the couple split. It was two years before they even got married.

But since Pitt and Pollaro are working together again, the tabloid is trying to connect their ongoing collaboration to the actor’s divorce. “The end of his marriage was a terrible tragedy for Brad, but also a huge wake-up call,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. This supposed snitch continues, “Sobering up has helped him become sharper and have more focus to channel his energies into his art pieces. He also loves having something to show [his] kids he is working on that isn’t just another movie.”

“When Brad starts to take a back seat from acting, he will devote even more time to art and furniture design,” contends the alleged tipster. What’s curious is that when Gossip Cop was investigating this story, we discovered that RadarOnline is running a nearly identical article on its website, titled, “Sad Brad Takes Up Woodworking To Mend His Broken Heart After Divorce.” It’s worth noting Pitt isn’t actually divorced yet and, as pointed out above, he extensively explored woodworking years before relationship with Jolie imploded.

Both stories feature the same author, which suggests a third party shopped the questionable material to multiple outlets. To the blog’s credit, though, it does not allege Pitt is giving up his Hollywood career, unlike the print report. Here the purported “source” says, “Brad is glad he has another outlet in addition to acting, and when he starts to take a back seat from that, he will devote even more of his time to art and furniture design.” The Woman’s Day version does not acknowledge that Pitt’s hobby is in “addition to acting,” and instead wrongly makes it seem like he’s abandoning show business for carpentry.

The magazine also features a photo of Pitt from Pollaro Furniture’s Instagram feed, but fails to mention the picture is from December. There are also Instagram photos showing him working with Pollaro last September. Around that same time, Pitt was filming Ad Astra. And he already has his next movie lined up. As reported in February, Pitt will be starring in Quentin Tarantino’s Charles Manson movie.

Clearly, he is not trading his acting career for one focused on art and design. Rather, he will continue to balance both of his interests, just as he did last fall and just as he’s done for years. A rep for Pitt confirms to Gossip Cop this “quitting Hollywood” spin is yet another inaccurate take on his personal and professional lives.


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