Brad Pitt is not suffering "painful memories" as he remains sober, nor is he dealing with anything resembling PTSD, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively shut down this false report. We're told it's untrue.

The latest fake news story about Pitt was posted by RadarOnline. It claims that as the actor attempts to "stay strong and sober," he's struggling with the "painful memories about his failed marriage with Angelina Jolie" and the "bad habits" that led to their split. A so-called "insider" allegedly tells the outlet, "A lot of memories are surfacing now that he's out of the fog of his marriage and the drinking and smoking that he was doing." Rather improbably, the same supposed source adds, "There's definitely an air about him like a soldier who has just been through a long war and has PTSD or something."

The website then brings up how Pitt explained to reporters while walking with a cane at the 2012 Palm Springs Film Festival how he hurt himself "carrying my daughter [Vivienne] down the hill and I slipped." It was noted, at the time, the little girl was not injured, thanks to Pitt taking the brunt of the fall. That five-year-old incident (and quotation) is used in the new RadarOnline story to justify a gratuitous line at the end of its article that reads, "Such memories are proving difficult to face for Pitt."

Curiously, the site doesn't furnish any anecdotes about the "painful memories" he's now supposedly coping with that were tied to his past "drinking and smoking." Instead, there's the absurd example of an accident with his daughter and a completely unsubstantiated claim that, "like a soldier" who has witnessed repeated atrocities in a "long war," Pitt is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. While Gossip Cop won't necessarily call the allegation irresponsible for diminishing the toll taken on servicemen who've witnessed unspeakable death and destruction, we 100 percent can call the website's story untrue. A rep for Pitt exclusively tells Gossip Cop the outlet's latest article is "quite creative."

That site has a history of being "creative." Just a few months ago, Gossip Cop busted the webloid after it published a story that actually asserted Pitt was "terrified" Jolie was casting voodoo spells on him. That article was inaccurate and the latest one alleging he's suffering from PTSD is equally wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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