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Brad Pitt is not "ready to pop the question" to Jennifer Aniston and "make things official," despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct a fake news story that claims Pitt has a "secret proposal plan." The exes have not been in touch with each other in ages, let alone are remotely romantic. It's all an absurd fabrication.

According to New Idea, which far too often publishes fiction, "Brad's decided to show his commitment by picking out the perfect ring" for Aniston. The tabloid gets super creative by taking a number of inaccurate stories currently in the news about the actor and weaving them together as the basis for its latest untrue tale about Pitt proposing. The magazine alleges "a source close" to Pitt tells the outlet that after he was "spotted flirting" with his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-star Margaret Qualley, he and Aniston had a heart-to-heart and "agreed to make their relationship a priority."

Although still in the midst of a divorce from Angelina Jolie, the publication asserts, "Brad's decided to show his commitment by picking out the perfect ring," with the help of jeweler Sat Hari Khalsa, who's designed pieces that Aniston has previously worn. In one fell swoop, the tabloid has used the false reports about the actor "flirting" with Qualley as the reason why he's supposedly getting engaged to Aniston, and turned the equally untrue stories linking Pitt to Khalsa to explain that she's designing the diamond ring he'll use to propose to his ex. But it's nothing more than one lie piled onto another lie.

Notwithstanding, the tabloid quotes a seemingly manufactured "insider" as maintaining there's been "tension" between Aniston and Pitt because of his "partying and flirting" with other ladies, and as a result he's "desperate to make Jennifer realize she's the only woman for him." The repeatedly discredited magazine contends Pitt attended the concert at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music on September 29 (where he was photographed with Khalsa), because he wanted to discuss with the jeweler "a special, one-off design." "Anyone can buy an expensive diamond, but Brad really wanted to give Jen a ring that had meaning," asserts the outlet's unnamed and untraceable "source," who goes on to claim Pitt is working with Khalsa to "make a ring [Aniston] can't say no to... a ring that will make Jen his wife again."

Gossip Cop gives the magazine an A for imagination and an F for truthfulness and accuracy. The reality is Pitt and Aniston are not in contact with one another, which makes them getting engaged an impossibility. Just last week when we debunked an In Touch cover story that revolved around an equally fictitious narrative about Aniston and Pitt having a "miracle baby," the actress's rep rhetorically asked Gossip Cop, "Do readers actually believe this?" adding how the tabloids "keep going with this story even though there is not a shred of any proof that Jen and Brad have even seen each other in forever." Meanwhile, Pitt's rep, who has also frequently assured us on the record the former spouses aren't involved, was left speechless by that publication's premise.

And it's not just Gossip Cop that's noted Pitt and Aniston aren't even in contact. In a larger interview with Us Weekly about the untrue divorce rumors about her and Ellen DeGeneres, Porti de Rossi told the magazine, "I was at a newsstand, and there was a cover of Brad and Jen... I was like, 'They haven't seen each other.'" "I know for a fact," reiterated Aniston's pal.

A few things bear mentioning. We corrected New Idea one week ago when it falsely claimed Aniston was jealous of Pitt's co-star Qualley after pictures emerged of them doing a scene on the set of their movie. But more importantly, that publication has been repeatedly caught making up stories about the exes, including an article in July that maintained Aniston was already wearing an engagement ring from Pitt. The reality was Aniston was photographed sporting prop jewelry from the upcoming Netflix comedy Murder Mystery, in which she's married to Adam Sandler's character.

Curiously, the tabloid makes no mention whatsoever in its new story about Aniston being pregnant with Pitt's baby, which it swore up and down was true when it splashed that contention on its cover in May. Nor does it bring up the fake news Gossip Cop busted in February when it claimed in another cover story that Pitt and Aniston actually got married again on the Caribbean island of Anguilla and were adopting a baby. The truth, which seems like a foreign concept to that magazine, is that it occasionally publishes phony articles about Pitt and Aniston, including its latest tale about the actor planning a "proposal" to his ex-wife.

Conclusion: Pitt is not about to pop the question to Aniston because they have nothing to do with one another anymore. As opposed to the tabloid's anonymous and perhaps purposely unidentifiable sources, Aniston and Pitt's reps, who have been authorized to speak on their behalf, have told Gossip Cop many times the exes are not romantically involved. An unprompted de Rossi even confirmed that as well. Additionally, New Idea has a track record of being provably wrong about the two stars. For those reasons and several others enumerated above, Gossip Cop is giving the new article about Pitt secretly planning a proposal to Aniston a zero out of 10 on our fact-or-fiction meter.

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New Idea

Brad Pitt is planning a secret proposal to Jennifer Aniston.
Sunday, October 7, 2018

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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