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"Brad Pitt: He Had A Blast Playing With Kids During Secret Cambodian Family Reunion," reads the headline of a fake news story shamelessly manufactured by HollywoodLife. None of the story is true. It was all made up by the website.

According to the latest fabrication from what's become known as HollywoodLies, "Pitt got a sweet reunion with his six kids while their mom Angelina Jolie was hard at work promoting her new film in Cambodia." The repeatedly discredited outlet then claims to have "exclusive details on his secret trip abroad to see his beloved children." After noting that Jolie recently traveled to Cambodia with her children to promote her Netflix film First They Killed My Father, which is true, it then falsely alleges the kids "were never far away from their dad," who the site contends "flew to Asia to help take care of their brood while she was busy working." The site then has a seemingly concocted "source" quoted as saying, "Brad was missing his children like crazy and Angie has actually been much more agreeable with him lately. So Angelina OK'd Brad's trip overseas to spend some time with them while she was busy with other obligations in Cambodia."

After that clearly made-up quotation in which the phony "source" alternatively refers to Jolie as "Angie" and "Angelina," HollywoodLies's same seemingly fictitious "insider" claims, "Brad picked an obscure resort, in a foreign country, which helped protect his anonymity. He was able to play freely with his children in and around the resort, at the pool, without ever having his privacy being invaded by others. The kids and Brad were all very relieved and happy to be able to spend quality time together, out in the open, without drawing a ton of attention like they would in the states."

This is all provably untrue, and HollywoodLife is once again caught creating fake news. Pitt did not recently travel to Cambodia to secretly visit and play with his kids. Pitt's own rep exclusively assured Gossip Cop is was not true when the false claim was initially made by E!. We were told Pitt was only with Jolie and the kids when she shot the film last year, and they were all still a happy family.

Still, the untrustworthy site took the inaccurate account from E! about Pitt recently joining Jolie and the kids in Cambodia, well after the couple split, and then used it as a springboard to make up its fake news story about how the actor secretly slipped into the Asian country and played with his kids. This is actually par for the course with HollywoodLies. It often takes an existing report and then adds phony details to deceive readers into thinking they're reading an "exclusive."

In fact, when news broke in September that Brangelina had split up, the webloid immediately leapt into action and slapped together a fake news story about how Pitt was "leaning on" George Clooney for support after he and Jolie announced they were divorcing. Of course, the site's story was exposed as a fabrication because, at the time the article was posted, Clooney himself told a CNN reporter, "That's the first I've heard of it" when asked about the breakup. Since then, HollywoodLies has published a slew of other fake news stories, including how Pitt was going to rehab to win back Jolie. And just a couple of weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted the questionable outlet when it falsely alleged Pitt was in talks to do a movie with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Every single one of those tall tales was shown to be untrue. And in each instance, while HollywoodLies hid behind unnamed and seemingly made-up sources, Gossip Cop was told on-the-record by reps that the site's information and articles were 100 percent false. The site's latest claim about Pitt playing with his kids during a so-called "secret Cambodian family reunion" is yet just another example of fake news.

Brad Pitt Kids Cambodia Fake News


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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