A story claiming Brad Pitt is "furious" Angelina Jolie took their son Pax to the Golden Globes is made-up. Gossip Cop is told that a webloid manufactured the actor's reaction and that no one close to him is discussing his children in this manner. Furthermore, the claims in the report make little sense.

Two days after the awards show, HollywoodLife is contending in a new post, "Angelina Jolie took her son Pax as her date to her first Golden Globes without ex Brad Pitt. We've got EXCLUSIVE details on why the actor is furious about her decision." The site alleges Pitt is "fuming about exposing the teen to the glare of the Hollywood spotlight." A so-called "source close to the actor" is quoted as saying, "Angelina went behind Brad's back and took Pax to the Golden Globes without the father's permission."

"Brad was furious that Angelina did not consult him before taking their son Pax to a major, adult event like the Golden Globes," claims the outlet's supposed snitch. This purported tipster goes on to assert that it also "irritated Brad that he found out, casually from the other children, at the last minute." Adds the publication's ill-informed insider, "Brad thinks it is not entirely healthy the way Angelina drags the kids everywhere she goes, so he made it clear to her after the award show that he would appreciate it that he be more informed of future major public appearances for their children."

There are several reasons not to believe this narrative. First off, Gossip Cop has repeatedly been assured by Pitt's camp that no one in his inner circle is talking to blogs like HollywoodLies, as it's known, about his children. That subject is off-limits for the kids' privacy and protection. Second, we already caught the webloid making up a Golden Globes-related story involving Shiloh and Maddox. This appears to be just another way for the site to milk the awards with a Jolie angle.

Third, Jolie attended the Golden Globes to support her nominated film, First They Killed My Father. Pax worked on the movie's production as a set photographer. He's even listed in the credits. So it's not like he was taken to a random event for a project to which he has no connection. Fourth, the notion that Pitt is suddenly objecting to one of his kids attending a "major, adult event" doesn't hold much weight considering his brood has attended such gatherings in the past, from film premieres to awards ceremonies.

In fact, when Pitt and Jolie took son Maddox to the Governor Awards in 2013, he was one year younger than Pax is now. Both brothers also attended a premiere for Unbroken in 2014, posing on the red carpet with Shiloh, Pitt and their grandparents. Of course, the ever-clueless HollywoodLies mentions none of this in its faux "exclusive."

The online publication doesn't acknowledge the kids' past presence at big events nor Pax's connection to the Golden Globes-nominated film. It's for those reasons, though, that it makes little sense to allege Pitt is "furious" over Pax attending the awards show. And while Pitt's camp declined to comment on the specifics of when and how the actor found out Pax would be at the Globes, we're assured that HollywoodLies' purported insight on the subject is all made-up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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