A new story claiming Brad Pitt is "heartbroken" because he couldn't celebrate Pax's 14th birthday with the whole family is entirely made-up. Undoubtably, Pitt misses his children, but Gossip Cop is assured no one close to the actor is sharing his thought with websites.

According to HollywoodLife, which routinely manufactures tall tales about Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their six children, the actor missed Pax's birthday festivities because of "Angie," and he's "super torn up about it." In its seemingly manufactured article, a so-called "source close to Brad" is quoted as saying, "He wants nothing more than to be with his children on all their milestones, like Pax's birthday. But thanks to Angelina, Brad is sad and disappointed that time with Pax on his big day is simply not possible."

The same almost assuredly made-up insider then says, "Angie makes scheduling time with their children challenging and difficult for Brad." Pitt "misses his kids more than ever," contends the probably nonexistent "source." The quotes are not only clearly fabricated, but they also sound like the handiwork of Captain Obvious.

One doesn't even need to be a journalist to spot how phony the quotations are from HollywoodLies, as it's known. First, the blog contends its "source" said, "Thanks to Angelina, Brad is sad," followed by "Angie makes scheduling time with their children challenging." No real insider would refers to Jolie by those two different names within the space of a few sentence. More significantly, what insight does the outlet offer? That Pitt is "missing" his kids and is "sad" when he's not around to celebrate their milestones? Find us a loving dad who's happy and doesn't miss the children when they're not around for the birthdays?

Not only does HollywoodLife make up fake news, but it tends to do so in the dumbest way. Gossip Cop legitimately has sources close to Pitt and we've been assured by one particularly close confidante that no one on the actor's circles leaks anything to websites. And we're specifically told this new article is 100 percent fabricated. Frankly, the sheer number of phony articles HollywoodLies has made up about Pitt is mind-boggling.

Sometimes the outlet is very creative with its tall tales, like when it concocted a whole phony account about how Pitt met George Clooney's twins. Of course, that story was just a giant lie. But often the website just lazily regurgitates the themes of its previous articles in different ways.

For instance, not only is the actor "heartbroken" that he can't celebrate Pax's birthday, but in July Pitt was "heartbroken" he couldn't be with Knox and Vivienne on their birthday. And in August, Pitt was "upset" he didn't get to celebrate Maddox's birthday. All these reports have a few things in common. Besides revolving around the star's kids' birthdays, they're all made-up fake news stories and no real Pitt insider shared any of this supposed information with HollywoodLies.

Brad Pitt Birthday


Curiously, the equally untrustworthy site Celebrity Insider did the same story. Not surprisingly, however, that outlet also did not fact-check its report. Instead, it simply ran HollywoodLies' same concocted quotes without questioning their authenticity. Unfortunately, it's these types of practices that lead to untrue stories spreading. Rest assured, Gossip Cop will continue to do its best to bust everyone who manufactures phony articles.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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