Brad Pitt’s “Devastated” Parents Reaching Out To Jennifer Aniston?

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Brad Pitt Parents Jennifer Aniston

By Shari Weiss |

Brad Pitt Parents Jennifer Aniston


Are Brad Pitt’s parents reaching out to Jennifer Aniston?! A new report claims the actor’s mom and dad are so “devastated” about his split from Angelina Jolie that they’re seeking advice from their former daughter-in-law. Seriously?!

The far-fetched claim comes from RadarOnline, which is blaring in a headline on Friday, “Family Feud! Brad Pitt’s Parents ‘Devastated’ Over Angelina Jolie’s Divorce Shocker.” According to the accompanying story, “the actor’s mom, Jane Pitt, is ‘absolutely furious’ at her daughter-in-law’s brutal attack on her son’s reputation — and friends say she and her husband Bill will never forgive Jolie for the pain she’s caused the entire family.”

“Jane’s so heart-broken about the split. Jane has seen little of her son and grandkids since they got married and she and Bill were totally blindsided and devastated by this, just as Brad was,” a so-called “family insider” claims to the outlet. “Jane’s been in tears over the allegations of child abuse and drug use on the part of Brad and can’t understand it.”

It’s then said that while Jane and Jolie “were far from friendly” prior to the separation, “Pitt’s mom, however, continues to be a huge fan of her son’s ex-wife.” In fact, the webloid’s supposed snitch alleges, “Jane has even reached out to Jennifer Aniston for advice — she’s still close to her and at least now she doesn’t have to hide it.”

That sounds like a pretty big scoop, and one has to wonder how RadarOnline, of all places, would score it. After all, the site has already been caught running a number of untrue Brangelina stories since their breakup was announced last month. Well, now Gossip Cop has learned that this new story is also untrue, and the only reason the site has it is because they seemingly made it up.

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Brad Pitt’s parents are reaching out to Jennifer Aniston in the wake of his split from Angelina Jolie.


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