Brad Pitt, Sienna Miller NOT “Secretly Dating,” Despite Tabloid Cover Story

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Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller are not “secretly dating,” contrary to a new tabloid cover story. Despite repeated attempts to link the pair romantically, Gossip Cop has again confirmed they remain just friends.

But the new cover of Us Weekly falsely announces, “Sienna & Brad Secretly Dating!” The front of the issue further teases, “Flirty dinners and late nights!” There’s also an unsourced quote exclaiming, “They make a great couple.” Alas, they are not a couple.

Still, according to the story, Pitt has “had a few meet-ups” with Miller, who starred in The Lost City Of Z, which he produced. “They’ve been spending some time together,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. As evidence, the gossip magazine points to Pitt and Miller hanging out at the Glastonbury music festival last month. But as Gossip Cop busted at the time, the two were at that event with a group of people, enjoying the concert with mutual friends.

And Us Weekly itself even debunked the romance speculation at the time, announcing on its website, “Brad Pitt Is Not Dating Sienna Miller.” “Nope, not true. Brad Pitt is not dating Sienna Miller or Elle Macpherson, contrary to recent reports, sources tell Us Weekly,” the outlet maintained. Now a week later, the publication is declaring the opposite, announcing on its cover that he and Miller are “secretly dating.”

Consistency be damned, the tabloid wants to sell magazine copies, and so it is apparently switching course and greatly embellishing the situation. “They would make a great couple,” the supposed snitch tells the outlet in a slightly different quote than the one touted on the front of the edition. The article speculates insists Pitts is “ready for romance” and asks, “Could Sienna sweep him off his feet?” The magazine has even coined the nickname “Brienna.”

But the bottom line is the same. “They aren’t secretly dating,” a source close to Pitt tells Gossip Cop exclusively. And while our contact doesn’t think anything will blossom between the platonic pals, we’re also reminded of a good motto: “Never say never.” For now, though, these dating claims are unfounded, as a Miller source also tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “This story is false.” Check out Us Weekly‘s contradictory “reporting” below.

(Us Weekly)

(Us Weekly)

(Us Weekly)

(Us Weekly)

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