Brad Pitt Getting Married

(In Touch)

Brad Pitt is not "getting married" again, despite an entirely fictional tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this fake news.

The new cover of In Touch falsely announces, "Brad's Getting Married!" Notably, the front of the issue doesn't say anything about his would-be bride. Rather, it teases, "Furious Angelina doesn't want another woman around her kids," and "Sober and drug-free, Brad is finally ready to find happiness." Inside the edition, a headline also dramatically declares, "Brad's Getting Married... And Angelina Is Furious!"

According to the made-up story, while working on the art hobby he picked up in the wake of splitting from Jolie, "Brad has fallen in love, and he's decided to get married again." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying in the tabloid, "She's a beautiful artist who's far removed from show business. Brad's really fallen for her." The publication's supposed source further describes this purported lover as someone who is "30-ish, doesn't know or associate with anyone in Hollywood and only knows one or two of his films."

And the gossip magazine claims Pitt is "so serious about marrying her that he even told Angie that he's eventually going to get married again, [but] her reaction stunned him." "Brad thought she'd be relieved to know he's moving on. He was wrong. Angelina is not happy and will be even more unhappy if Brad gets married soon," contends the outlet, which further maintains, "And if Brad decides to have children with his new bride, that will be tough for Angie to deal with."

"Brad's purposely kept the relationship as low-key as possible," claims the tabloid's alleged tipster, who adds, "Only one or two friends know about it. But his dream is to wed this woman and raise [his] kids with her by his side." So, readers are supposed to believe that only "one or two friends" know that Pitt has a fiancee, but somehow In Touch found out all about it? And yet the gossip magazine doesn't even seem to know this alleged bride-to-be's name.

What's more is that these specious contentions are coming from the same publication Gossip Cop corrected when it fabricated an April cover story about Jolie "getting married" to a "wealthy Brit." That was followed by an equally made-up cover story in May that alleged Pitt was stopping the wedding. In truth, there was no "wealthy Brit" whom Jolie planned to wed, and nothing about those non-existent nuptials is mentioned in this new cover story about Pitt tying the knot.

Basically, the outlet just flipped the script: After doing a fake narrative in which Jolie was getting married and Pitt was upset, now this new saga is about Pitt getting married and Jolie being upset. And this new tale is just as untrue as the prior one. Gossip Cop is assured Pitt is not seriously seeing anyone, let alone planning to get married in the near future. In fact, one contact with whom we spoke actually let out a hearty laugh at the idea. And, by the way, his divorce from Jolie has yet to be made official, so Pitt couldn't wed a named or unnamed woman even if he wanted.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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