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Ever since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their divorce, tabloids have speculated about Pitt's ability to see his kids. It seems like there's a new rumor that Jolie is keeping Pitt from visiting their children with villainous tactics every week. Gossip Cop has come across so many of those exact stories, we began to take notice and compiled the most unbelievable tabloid tales together.

Woman's Day claimed in June of last year that Angelina Jolie had "blindsided" Brad Pitt by "fleeing" to New Mexico with their six children. In reality, Jolie was filming Those Who Wish Me Dead, a wilderness thriller being shot in Albuquerque. The actress' six children came with her for the duration. According to the outlet and their equally deranged source, however, this temporary move was a calculated effort from Jolie to disrupt Pitt's ability to have physical custody of his kids.

"While she's not doing anything to stop Brad from seeing the kids, she'll only bring them back to LA on her own terms, which means Brad's once again doing all the running to get face time with them," a dubious source told the outlet.

None of this overly dramatic drivel is remotely true. Gossip Cop checked in with our source close to the situation, who informed us that visitation had been worked out before Jolie started production. She did not "flee" with her children and Pitt was fully aware of his kids' whereabouts. The entire premise of the article was totally absurd.

Back in November 2019, In Touch claimed that Angelina Jolie was plotting to move to Africa with her kids behind Brad Pitt's back. An interview Jolie had with Harper's Bazaar was the catalyst for this bizarre allegation. In the interview, Jolie mentioned that she'd prefer to live abroad, but she lived in LA, where the father of her children lived. She also noted that she and the kids would "break ground on a home in Africa" the next year. The outlet, with the help of a "family insider," claimed this African home would soon be the family's new home base.

"She doesn't play by anyone's rules, especially not Brad's, and she wants her kids raised out of the country," insisted the so-called insider. "Moving to Africa, putting that much distance between them, would ruin any chance Brad has of rebuilding those relationships. This is just another way for Angelina to take control of the kids," the alleged tipster continued. This sounds more like something out of the movies than real life.

Gossip Cop looked into the matter and discovered that this was nothing more than fiction. The outlet cherry picks quotes from the Harper's Bazaar interview in order to turn Jolie's own words against her. "I would love to live abroad and will do so as soon as my children are 18," was the full unedited quote. Why would Jolie risk her custody of the children to thumb her nose at her ex-husband? It didn't make any sense. We also checked in with an individual in Jolie's camp, who told us the article was "not true."

NW reported late last year that Jolie was keeping Pitt from seeing his kids in retaliation for the actor supposedly dating Alia Shawkat. Though numerous reputable outlets, like People and Entertainment Tonight, reported that Pitt and Shawkat were only friends, this outlet must have missed the news. Regardless, the publication still quoted an unnamed insider, who divulged, "As soon as she heard there was another woman in Brad's life, Angelina immediately withheld access to their kids." The seemingly phony source continued, "She's meant to send them over to his place every few days, but instead she hit the roof over the fact that he's been dating under her nose and refused to hand them over." There had even been threats from Jolie that she would move with the kids overseas.

Gossip Cop found this entire story to be laughable. We were exclusively informed by Brad Pitt's own spokesperson that he and Shawkat are "just friends" and that there's nothing romantic about their relationship. If there's no romance, then there's no need for Jolie to allegedly fly off the handle. This story is totally false.

National Enquirer kept the rumors going into 2020 when they claimed that Jolie was purposefully creating scheduling conflicts to keep Pitt from seeing the kids. A source told the outlet that Brad Pitt was "devastated" by his ex-wife's cruelest new tactic to keep him away from their children. Jolie was scheduling Pitt's visitation time on days when she knew the actor was busy. Gossip Cop wasted no time cleaning up this mess of a story.

Angelina Jolie had already been warned by a judge that she'd lose custody herself unless she gave Pitt more access to the children. People also reported that same week that Pitt had been spending more time with his kids. Gossip Cop also knew not to trust this outlet, as we'd already busted them not too long ago for falsely reporting that Jolie told Pitt their kids "hated his guts." That claim wasn't true, and neither was this one. Brad Pitt's divorce and custody battle has already been rough enough, and there's no need for shameless publications like this one to toss false rumors into the mix.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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