Brad Pitt Has “New Face” From Plastic Surgery?

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Brad Pitt New Face

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Brad Pitt New Face

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Brad Pitt is not ending 2017 with a “new face,” despite a report claiming the actor had plastic surgery. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story, which comes from a tabloid that’s published a lot of ridiculousness about Pitt all year long.

The Life & Style story in question is based on a compare-and-contrast of the two photos below. The one on the left was taken up close at The Lost City Of Z premiere in April. The one on the right was taken from a distance at a LACMA Art + Film gala in November. The gossip magazine zooms in on the latter photo, but it’s not apparent that Pitt looks any different than he did seven months prior. He still has lines on his forehead and wrinkles by his mouth.

But the outlet maintains Pitt previously “looked haggard and drawn,” while he’s now “youthful and gorgeous again.” It’s then specifically alleged that he’s had “some help” with “aging in reverse.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “He went to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon this year and got fillers and Botox and some eye work.” Tellingly, it’s not specifically alleged when “this year” he supposedly underwent the purported procedures.

To boost the tale, the publication relies on a New Jersey-based plastic surgeon who has never even met Pitt but nonetheless feels qualified to assert, “His forehead looks smoother, so most likely he got Botox.” The doctor further speculates the movie star had fillers in his cheeks, around his lips and under his eyes, along with a “laser or peel to improve skin texture.” Mind you, this purported medical professional is judging the “texture” of Pitt’s skin and whether his face is full and wrinkle-free based on snapshots which, because they were taken a different events, have varied lighting.

It seems the tabloid crafted this story as a follow-up to its April piece about Pitt consulting with plastic surgeons because he believed his divorce from Angelina Jolie damaged his looks. But as Gossip Cop said at the time, the actor had no plans for a “post-split nip-tuck.” Now an impeccable Pitt source says of this latest article, “Clearly [Life & Style] tried to outdo themselves with nonsense before the end of the year.” Additionally, Pitt’s own rep laughed off the story to us. If the star looks different, it’s just because he’s taking better care of himself. As Pitt told GQ for its May cover story, he’s stopped “boozing” and is focusing on healthy living. That’s all that’s going on.

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