Brad Pitt “Smitten” With MIT Professor Neri Oxman Is “Exaggeration,” Says Rep

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Brad Pitt Neri Oxman Us Weekly Cover Story

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Brad Pitt Neri Oxman Us Weekly Cover Story

(Us Weekly)

A new tabloid cover story claiming Brad Pitt is “smitten” with Neri Oxman is an “exaggeration,” his rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively. Though this new report claims the actor has been “dating” the MIT professor since “last fall,” we’ve learned that is not true. As has already been reported, the pair are friendly and that’s it for now.

Us Weekly, however, is trying to sell a different narrative. A so-called “insider” is quoted in its new issue as saying, “Brad’s absolutely smitten by her… They are very much a couple.” The article details how Pitt visited MIT last fall, which a number of students documented on social media at the time, and the alleged tipster insists he and Oxman became “romantically involved almost right away,” with the professor dumping her boyfriend “almost immediately.” But there is no evidence to substantiate the contentions that Pitt has become “something of a fixture around the Boston-area campus” and that he’s been “spotted going into her apartment building on multiple occasions.”

The gossip magazine’s supposed source further claims Pitt and Oxman have since “traveled internationally on several occasions,” although no proof is provided to support that claim, either. The outlet also cites a purported “confidant,” who claims Angelina Jolie “will be livid that Brad is moving on.” But is he really? Though the publication describes Oxman as Pitt’s “hot new love” and “new girlfriend,” his spokesperson maintains those are not accurate descriptions.

In fact, Pitt’s rep praised Page Six, which broke the news last week, for accurately describing the nature of Pitt and Oxman’s friendship. That original article, we’re told, got it right when it stated, “Their friendship has not turned into romance.” And while it’s true Pitt is intrigued by the scholar, as the initial report made clear, the spokesperson tells Gossip Cop that all of these secret relationship claims from the magazine’s untraceable and unidentifiable sources are an “exaggeration.” Unfortunately, AOL republished the article without bothering to do any fact-checking.

It’s also important to look at Us Weekly’s sketchy track record. Last summer, the tabloid published a cover story that falsely announced Pitt was “spending time” with Sienna Miller. Not only did Gossip Cop bust that claim when it came out last July, but time has proven we were right: Pitt and Miller were not “secretly dating,” as alleged. They never emerged as a couple because they weren’t one, and no proof of a romance ever surfaced because there wasn’t one.

Now less than a year later, the magazine is peddling a similar storyline about Pitt and Oxman. While it’s impossible to say whether their friendship will evolve into a full-fledged relationship, at this point their dynamic is being greatly misrepresented.


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