Brad Pitt “Can’t Get Enough” Of Neri Oxman?

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Brad Pitt Neri Oxman Serious

By Michael Lewittes |

Brad Pitt Neri Oxman Serious

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A story about how Brad Pitt “can’t get enough” of Neri Oxman is untrue. Gossip Cop can correct this claim about them already “getting serious.” We’re told it’s overblown.

According to Life & Style, Pitt is “hot for teacher,” referring of course to Oxman, who’s a professor at MIT. The tabloid maintains that it “isn’t just a fling” and that “after five months of dating, Brad and Neri are getting serious.” A so-called “insider“ goes on to assert, “They can’t get enough of each other.“ The alleged source claims, “They’ve had a number of romantic weekends in Boston,” and when they’re not together, “they’re blowing up each other‘s cell phones.”

The questionable “insider” further contends, “When they met – boom! There was instant chemistry.” The tabloid then states without any proof, “Some of Brad’s friends… are starting to think Neri is the woman he’s meant to be with.” Naturally, the magazine doesn’t mention who any of these supposed “friends” are. Outlets tend to vaguely offer what “friends” say or think as a way of getting around ownership for their phony statements or providing any evidence.

Regardless, this article can be fairly easily debunked. For instance, while the tabloid claims, “They’ve had a number of romantic weekends in Boston,” Pitt and Oxman have actually only been pictured once and that was when he first met the professor and one of her classes at MIT last November. The actor stood next to Oxman and a group of her students when her visited the school to discuss a collaborative project. The reality is, however, that he has “barely ever seen” her, a Pitt confidante tells Gossip Cop.

Meanwhile, Pitt’s rep has previously assured us on the record that he’s not dating Oxman. And while Pitt is “happier” these days after his split from Angelina Jolie, as People recently noted, “There hasn’t been any talk about a special someone” in his life. And far from “blowing up each other’s cell phones,” as maintained by Life & Style, Pitt’s rep acknowledges “they talk,” but it’s not the romance it’s been portrayed by many in the media.

Actually Page Six, which broke the news about Pitt and the MIT professor spending time together, accurately reported that while they share a mutual love and interest in architecture and design, “Their friendship has not turned into romance.” It’s conceivable that the actor and the professor’s professional relationship could morph one day into something more, but his rep recently told us that a similar narrative from Us Weekly about how Pitt was “smitten” with Oxman is an “exaggeration.”

The tabloid doesn’t have a stellar track record with Pitt and women. Last summer, the magazine falsely reported the actor and Sienna Miller were “heating up.” And before that misfire, the publication ran a provably untrue cover story about how Pitt and Jolie were “back together again.” While the tabloid now wrongly maintains Pitt “can’t get enough” of Oxman, it certainly doesn’t have enough on-the-record sourcing or proof.


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