Brad Pitt NOT Going Back To School To Impress Neri Oxman, Despite Late And Wrong Claim

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Brad Pitt School Neri Oxman

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Brad Pitt School Neri Oxman

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Brad Pitt is not going back to school to impress Neri Oxman, despite a resurfaced claim. This new story is both late and wrong. Gossip Cop can bust it.

Last week, Naughty Gossip falsely claimed Pitt is going back to school to further his education in the wake of supposedly starting a romance with Oxman, who teaches at MIT. Gossip Cop pointed out a number of holes in the report, and Pitt’s spokesperson confirmed to us on the record that the contentions were made-up. But now RadarOnline is spreading the misinformation.

According to this version of the bogus narrative, Pitt is “going back to school for [his] new leading lady.” The site contends the actor “has been getting serious” with Oxman, and “basically lives with her now that he flies to Boston often.” The blog goes on to allege Pitt has “reportedly told fans that he thinks she’s too smart for him, and wishes he could impress her.”

That is supposedly the reason for Pitt going back to school. “It seems he’s more than ready to take the next step with Oxman,” asserts the website, which concludes by asking readers, “What do you think of Brad Pitt going back to school for new love Neri Oxman?” But the outlet has provided no evidence at all that Pitt is in fact going back to school. Nor is it said just when or where Pitt “told fans” he believes she’s “too smart” for him and wants to “impress her.”

To date, Pitt hasn’t publicly spoken about having any connection to Oxman. In addition, there’s been no confirmed sightings of the movie star in Boston since Pitt visited MIT last November. Far from “getting serious” with the professor and living together, Gossip Cop has been told on background by a Pitt confidante that he’s “barely ever seen” her. Other respected outlets have also confirmed they aren’t dating, and “Entertainment Tonight” reported just a month ago that despite his split from Angelina Jolie, Pitt “is in no way ready to get serious with anyone” and “isn’t ready to settle down any time soon.”

To be clear, the online publication’s claims about Pitt and Oxman are easily disproven, while its contentions about the actor returning to school are entirely unsubstantiated. The site merely quotes from the original Naughty Gossip article, which Pitt’s spokesperson already told Gossip Cop was fabricated. RadarOnline has no new proof to suggest that it is true or accurate in any way. The website is just late and wrong.


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