Brad Pitt NOT Introducing Neri Oxman To Kids, Despite Report

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Brad Pitt Neri Oxman Kids

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Neri Oxman Kids

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Brad Pitt is not getting ready to introduce MIT professor Neri Oxman to his kids, despite a fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told it’s simply not true.

According to RadarOnline, the movie star and his so-called “girlfriend” are getting increasingly serious, and now he’s preparing to have her meet his six children. An alleged insider tells the site that Pitt “is absolutely in love” with Oxman, so he sees this as the natural next step in their relationship.

The outlet’s questionable source says Oxman is looking forward to traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and Massachusetts so she can spend time with Pitt “and his brood.” The seemingly nonexistent tipster further contends that Angelina Jolie is “irate” over her estranged husband bringing his “girlfriend” around their kids.

This entire article is based on a false premise. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly noted, Pitt and Oxman are just friends. The actor’s own spokesperson has confirmed this point, while reputable outlets such as People, Vanity Fair and E! News have all reported the same thing. Pitt and Oxman formed a professional friendship after meeting through an MIT architecture project last year, but she’s certainly not his “girlfriend,” despite what the blog says.

Meanwhile, a mutual pal of ours and Pitt tells Gossip Cop on the condition of anonymity that he currently has no plans to introduce Oxman to his children. Additionally, it was recently reported that Pitt and Jolie are still struggling with a custody agreement, so it’s highly unlikely the actor would complicate matters by bringing another woman into the fold. In addition to being untrue, the outlet’s article lacks logic.

It’s also worth noting, RadarOnline frequently alleges that the MIT professor plays a large role in Pitt’s personal life, despite the two only having a friendly and professional relationship. Last week, Gossip Cop called out the blog for falsely claiming Pitt was getting “sobriety support” from Oxman. The professor, however, has absolutely nothing to do with the actor’s recovery.

Last month, the unreliable website wrongly reported that Pitt would be moving to Boston to live near Oxman. Naturally, the actor isn’t moving across the country for someone he isn’t dating. Shortly after Gossip Cop debunked the claim, it was widely reported that Pitt would be staying put in LA, where his children are located and where he’s shooting his next movie. It’s clear the blog has little insight into the nature of the actor’s relationship with Oxman.


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