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Is Brad Pitt taking Neri Oxman to a family wedding? A report claims the actor and the MIT professor's supposed relationship is so "serious," he's ready to introduce her to his relatives. But Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

"Meet My Folks! Brad Takes His Girl Home," reads a headline in the latest edition of Woman's Day New Zealand. According to the accompanying story, Pitt has been "torn" between Oxman and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, but has "made his choice" and is "set to introduce" Oxman to his family. It's specifically alleged he has fallen for the architect so hard that he's "bringing her as his date to an upcoming family wedding."

A so-called "family insider" is quoted as saying, "While this may seem very fast... he wants to show Neri how serious he is about her." This supposed source claims Oxman has "already spoken to Brad's mother Jane, who is excited to meet her, and they're due to spend some time with his brother Doug, sister Julie and their families, too." It sounds like this "insider," who speaks in unnaturally expository language, is familiar with Pitt's Wikipedia page, which lists the names of his mom and siblings.

And while they've yet to actually meet, the gossip magazine nonetheless claims Oxman has already received the "green light" from Pitt's mom. It's telling, though, that neither the tabloid nor the purported "family insider" provide details about the alleged wedding where they're all supposedly getting together. Which relative is getting married? When are the nuptials taking place? Is the event being held in Pitt's home state of Missouri? The premise of this story is that Pitt is taking Oxman to a "family wedding," yet the key details — the who, when and where — are omitted. That's probably because there are no intentions for them to actually go to such an event. A rep for Pitt tells Gossip Cop he has "no knowledge" of any such plans.

Even crazier is that the outlet goes on to allege Pitt and Oxman "might try" to have a baby together. An alleged "friend of hers" contends that "since beginning to date Brad," she has "hinted she's ready" to have a child with him. Claims this purported pal, "If their relationship continues to go well, there might be a baby in 2019." Considering we're not even halfway through 2018 yet, the publication is giving a suspiciously large time frame. When tabloids tie allegations to extended windows of time like this, it's typically because they're hoping readers will have forgotten about the contentions by the time the given date actually rolls around.

But the points above are not the only problems with this tale. Most significantly, it's about a romance that doesn't currently exist. As Page Six first reported almost exactly a month ago, and as his spokesperson confirmed to Gossip Cop, Pitt and the MIT professor share a "professional friendship" at this time and nothing more. The gossip media, unfortunately, has decided to disregard the truth in favor of more sensational storylines like this one. But far from being "serious" with Oxman, "Entertainment Tonight" reported only weeks ago that Pitt "is in no way ready to get serious with anyone" as he still deals with his split from Angelina Jolie.

It's also apparent that this story is misguided when it's asserted that Pitt has spent the "past few months getting close" again to Aniston. In actuality, People reported earlier this year that Pitt and Aniston haven't seen one another and "aren't in regular contact." But Woman's Day is the same tabloid that recently tried to get readers to believe Pitt was taking Aniston and his kids on a trip to Chateau Miraval. Notably, nothing is said about that trip in this new article about taking Oxman to a "family wedding." It's evident the magazine's stories are not trustworthy.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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