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For the last two months, the tabloids have wrongly been insisting Brad Pitt and Neri Oxman are dating. But there is new evidence to back up what Gossip Cop has said all along: They are not in a romantic relationship and never were. Allow us to explain what's been going on.

In April, Page Six was the first to report that Pitt and the MIT professor had become friends. As the actor's spokesperson confirmed to Gossip Cop, that original story was mostly accurate. Just as the paper had said, they developed a professional friendship due to their shared love for design and architecture, but there was no romance between them. Other outlets, like E! Online, also reported that Pitt and Oxman were "strictly friends." "Entertainment Tonight" also noted that due to his ongoing split with Angelina Jolie, Pitt was not "ready to get serious with anyone." People further reported that though Pitt was casually dating, he did not have a "special someone" in his life.

All of this was consistent with what Gossip Cop was hearing from our trusted sources. But the gossip media took that initial story about Pitt and Oxman's friendship and quickly turned it into a full-blown relationship. Us Weekly even published a bogus cover story about how Pitt was "smitten" with Oxman and taking "secret love trips" with her. To date, they've only been seen together a single time: Pitt visited MIT last November to meet with Oxman's students.

But ignoring reality, magazines and websites have spent the last two months peddling phony tales about Pitt taking Oxman to a family wedding, moving to Massachusetts to be closer to her and introducing her to his children, just to name a few. There's been so many wrong rumors about Pitt and Oxman that in May we even did a roundup, and there's more than enough to do another one. Over the last 10 weeks or so, the truth has not changed: The movie star and the scholar weren't dating and they still aren't dating.

The difference now is that there is more transparent evidence than ever before to prove that: Oxman and her billionaire boyfriend, Bill Ackman, were photographed in France last weekend, showing that they're still together. People also re-confirmed this week, in a piece about how Pitt is doing "great," that he "isn't in a relationship with her." In New York's finance circles, it was widely known what most gossip writers did not know: That she was dating Ackman the whole time.

In fact, many publications are now wrongly making it seem like Oxman has suddenly ditched Pitt for the financier. The Cut is announcing, "Brad Pitt's MIT-Professor Crush Is Dating a Billionaire Now." Even the Boston Globe has a headline that states, "MIT professor Neri Oxman may have moved on from Brad Pitt." Oxman isn't "dating a billionaire now." She always was. She hasn't "moved on" from Pitt because there was no romance between them to begin with.

Conclusion: In April, it was rightly reported that Pitt and Oxman were friends. But tabloids quickly started claiming they were in a romance, even though Gossip Cop and reputable outlets confirmed that wasn't the case. Even Pitt's own spokesperson, who speaks on his behalf, said there wasn't a relationship. Now there's photo evidence Oxman is still with her longtime boyfriend. Rather than acknowledging all those claims about Pitt were clearly bogus, places are still twisting the situation. So, if Gossip Cop needs to keep separating fact from fiction on this topic, we will. But it is more than apparent that all the magazines and blogs that claimed Pitt and Oxman were dating were wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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