Brad Pitt Has NOT Been Dating MIT Professor Neri Oxman For “Six Months,” Despite Claim

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Brad Pitt MIT Professior Dating Six Months

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Brad Pitt MIT Professior Dating Six Months

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Brad Pitt has not been dating MIT professor Neri Oxman for six months, despite a speculative claim. Gossip Cop can debunk the untrue allegation. A rep for Pitt confirms to Gossip Cop that he and Oxman haven’t been dating at all, let alone for the last six months.

But HollywoodLife thinks it found a smoking gun to prove Pitt and Oxman have been dating for half a year. In truth, it isn’t evidence of a romantic relationship at all. Still, in its misguided article, the site contends the actor “may have a new lady love in his life and it may have been going on for six months.” As proof that they’ve been “secretly involved,” the blog points to a photo from a visit Pitt made to MIT last fall. Of course, nothing was actually “secret” about that visit. At the time Pitt was on campus, a number of students publicly shared pictures on social media, including one in which he and Oxman are posing as part of a group.

Just because the website wasn’t aware of the photos’ existence until now doesn’t mean something “secret” was going on, and the photos are in no way evidence of a romance with Oxman. But the outlet goes on to write, “Now it’s possible that they may not have yet been romantically involved back then but we can’t help but wonder if things heated up right away between the two.” But nothing “heated up right away.” Pitt and Oxman didn’t embark on a relationship “back then,” and they still haven’t started one today. His spokesperson confirms to Gossip Cop that they share a professional friendship and nothing more.

Bizarrely, after speculating that they’ve been in a months-long relationship, the online publication references the original Page Six report that made clear Pitt and the professor are just pals with a shared interest in art and design. HollywoodLies, as the website is nicknamed, even quotes, “Their friendship has not turned into romance.” Yet the site still built this whole article around the bogus premise that not only have Pitt and Oxman been dating, but they may have been for the last six months.

What’s also notable is that in presenting this false theory about a secret romance, the blog doesn’t give any indication that it attempted to fact-check its speculation with Pitt’s camp. If it had, it would’ve learned, as Gossip Cop and other reliable outlets did, that Pitt and Oxman are strictly friends. A visit to MIT and a photo in which they’re posing with students doesn’t change that.


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