5 Wrong Brad Pitt Movie Rumors

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Brad Pitt Movie Rumors

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Movie Rumors

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Brad Pitt’s personal life is constantly the subject of false tabloid stories, but wrong reports are often written about his career as well. Over the years, Gossip Cop has busted various outlets for attaching the actor to nonexistent films. Here are five wrong rumors about Pitt’s movie career.

In April, Gossip Cop called out NW for falsely claiming that Pitt would be starring in a movie alongside Jennifer Aniston. The tabloid said the exes were going through “old scripts” to find a project that would be perfect for the two of them. Tellingly, the magazine didn’t provide a single detail about any of these alleged projects, such as possible genres and plot lines. Shortly after the story was published, Aniston’s spokesperson told us on the record it was fabricated. As time has shown, the two don’t have a movie in the works. Instead, Pitt is about to start filming Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, while Aniston is currently shooting the comedy Murder Mystery alongside Adam Sandler.

In April 2017, In Touch made up a similarly bogus report about Pitt and Aniston co-starring in a movie to get “revenge” on Angelina Jolie. The untrustworthy tabloid claimed the actor had cast his ex-wife in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Ad Astra. Not only that, but it was said the part was originally intended to go to Jolie. At the time, Pitt’s spokesperson confirmed the article was “complete and total nonsense.” A few months later, actress Ruth Negga joined the movie in the lead female role.

Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLife in March 2017 for making up a story about Pitt planning to star in a superhero movie. It was alleged that the actor’s divorce from Jolie had inspired him to “have more fun” with the roles he chooses, so he set his sights on headlining a comic book film. As time has shown, Pitt never starred in a superhero movie, nor is he attached to one. The closest the actor came was making a brief cameo in Deadpool 2, which he reportedly did because his kids are big fans of the first movie. As for starring in a superhero movie of his own, it didn’t happen.

In January 2017, the National Enquirer wrongly reported that Pitt had offered Justin Theroux a starring role in a movie he was producing. The tabloid had zero details about the alleged project, except to say that Theroux was “thrilled” about the opportunity to work with the movie star, despite his history with Aniston. A rep for the “Leftovers” star assured us the report was “false” when it first emerged. Obviously, Theroux and Pitt never collaborated on a project together.

And finally, all the way back in 2009 it was rumored that Pitt would be playing the villain in the Sherlock Holmes remake starring Robert Downey Jr. The report was hard to believe, considering it emerged long after the movie had already wrapped filming. Gossip Cop exclusively debunked the casting rumor. Of course, Pitt wasn’t featured in the detective movie, nor its 2011 sequel for that matter.

Pitt has had a great movie career for more than two decades, not to mention a number of exciting projects lined up for the future. There’s really no reason for the tabloids to create nonexistent films and roles for the actor.


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