Brad Pitt Has NOT “Moved On” To Jennifer Lawrence, Despite Claim

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Brad Pitt Moved On Jennifer Lawrence

By Shari Weiss |

Brad Pitt Moved On Jennifer Lawrence

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Brad Pitt has not “moved on” to Jennifer Lawrence, despite a claim that’s both late and wrong. Unfortunately, this untrue allegation has been dominating internet searches this week. Gossip Cop can set the record straight once again.

“Post split with Angelina Jolie, has Brad Pitt moved on to Jennifer Lawrence?” asks India Today on Saturday. The site asserts “fans were heartbroken” following Jolie and Pitt’s breakup, but “if the cover of American tabloid Star is to be believed, Brad has already moved on to Hunger Games actress.” If it is to be believed? If there’s a doubt as to the veracity of the report, you don’t go regurgitating its claims.

But that’s exactly what this outlet does, asserting Pitt and Lawrence are “reportedly enjoying ‘lots of late nights.'” Copying quotes and claims from the original tabloid story, the publication goes on to contend, “Apparently, it was not too easy for Brad to gain the courage to reach out to Jennifer, but one of her friends gave him the green signal ‘because he’s been single long enough.'” India Today further alleges, “Jennifer is said to be so smitten that she has been putting up in Los Angeles, instead of New York, so that she can be closer to Brad.”

Yet after spreading all of these allegations, the site then notes, “However, Daily Mail insists that the news is ‘completely false.'” If the news has been reported to by false, you don’t go regurgitating the misinformation and bury the denial at the end. Furthermore, as Gossip Cop has already pointed out, the Daily Mail actually flip-flopped on Pitt dating Lawrence. The British tabloid originally picked up the untrue claims and then reversed course after Gossip Cop exclusively busted them.

What makes this particular story all the more frustrating is that the outlet acknowledges, “Incidentally, Star had reported last year that Kate Hudson was pregnant with Brad Pitt’s child, but the news turned out to be false.” If that was false, you don’t go regurgitating these new claims as if they’re true. India Today packaged its article in such a way that placed the emphasis on the tabloid and its assertions, despite knowing the gossip magazine is untrustworthy. It did readers a disservice by not outright dismissing the contentions, which were first debunked days ago.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, India Today stole the unique Getty Images composite Gossip Cop created on Thursday to illustrate its poorly-constructed report. See screengrab above, and our original below. It’s worth noting, Lawrence herself later debunked the rumors she was dating Pitt.

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