Brad Pitt has not moved back in with Angelina Jolie and the kids, despite one of this week's new tabloids claiming the estranged spouses are "together again." The inaccurate cover story says the exes are giving their marriage a second chance following months of counseling, but this isn't the case. Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal the truth.

The latest issue of OK! quotes a so-called "friend" of Jolie's as saying that shortly after she bought a new house in Los Angeles earlier this year, the actress "realized that she simply couldn't live without Brad. And they both saw Angie's house as the perfect place to leave the past behind them and begin their new life together." The magazine's questionable source goes on to say Pitt moved back in over Labor Day weekend.

According to the tabloid, Pitt surprised his six children by arriving early in the morning before they woke up. "Imagine their surprise when they saw dad making pancakes in the kitchen," says the outlet's dubious insider. "It was the best morning any of them has had in a long time. Angie was happy, Brad was happy, and the food was delicious."

The tabloid's "source" further contends that Pitt initially wasn't eager to take back his estranged wife because he was upset about her having him investigated by child services, but the exes ultimately worked out their issues in therapy. "He didn't like that Angie had brought the kids into it so publicly and told her so," adds the alleged insider. "To his shock, she agreed. She broke down and begged him for forgiveness." The supposed source concludes this phony narrative by claiming "they're settling in, unpacking Brad's boxes and moving furniture around."

Despite how unlikely this all sounds, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to Pitt, who laughed off the tabloid's tale of reconciliation. We're told the actor hasn't called off his divorce, nor has he moved back in with his estranged wife. Ironically, OK! repeatedly tried to break up Pitt and Jolie back when they were still together, and now the tabloid is trying to a concoct a phony reunion in the wake of their split. Basically, the unreliable magazine just insists on protesting the reality of the situation.

Gossip Cop recently called out OK! for falsely claiming Jolie can't afford to finalize her divorce from Pitt. Prior to that nonsense, we busted the publication's bogus cover story that alleged Jolie wanted Pitt back. The outlet has consistently demonstrated it has zero insight into the estranged spouses' relationship.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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