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Brad Pitt is not being "urged" by his mother to "fight" Angelina Jolie for custody, despite a claim circulating online. Gossip Cop already debunked this untrue rumor a few days ago. Now we can bust it for the second time.

According to the cut-and-paste site Celebrity Insider, Pitt is "being told" by his own mother, Jane, to "man up and fight for his children against his estranged wife." It's alleged his mom is "pushing him to stand up for the right to spend more time with his clan." While the website rightly points out that Jolie is "often seen traveling and hitting the red carpets" with their six kids, it is completely wrong when it maintains Pitt "had taken some time out to enter rehab to deal with some of his issues" and is now "back and determined to spend some quality time" with the children.

The actor was never in rehab. And Pitt has been seeing his kids regularly for a year now. Still, the blog insists Jolie "denied him access to the kids for the holidays," and quotes a so-called "insider" as saying about Pitt, "He does get to see [the children], but it is not nearly as much as he would like and it is always up to Angelina when it happens." The outlet further claim, "The person went on to say that Angelina is waging war against the father of her children on other fronts."

Celebrity Insider then quotes from a made-up HollywoodLife story, about Pitt and Jolie supposedly being "at war on how to raise their many children," that Gossip Cop called out nearly three weeks ago. The site ultimately ends by asserting, "Fans are hoping the pair will work this out away from the spotlight in an amicable way." Uh, that's exactly what they've been doing. Neither has publicly commented precisely because they are handling such matters privately.

Notably, the online publication never says where its main premise, about Pitt's mom getting involved, comes from, so allow Gossip Cop to explain. Last week, NW alleged Jane was "pushing" her famous son to "stand up" to Jolie when it comes to getting time with their kids. The Australian tabloid's claims, however, were off-base. Pitt and his estranged wife have been handling their separation with lawyers, child care professionals and mediators. Jolie is not unilaterally determining when Pitt can see the children.

Rather, there is a temporary custody agreement that both sides have chosen to uphold. Pitt's mom is not meddling in the negotiations, nor is there any reason for her to "urge" him to "fight" Jolie. The website is regurgitating erroneous allegations it knows nothing about and pairing them with other inaccurate claims. Tellingly, this piece comes not long after the blog ran a contradictory story alleging Pitt and Jolie were close to finalizing their permanent custody arrangement. That narrative was no more on the mark than this one. But the inconsistency is just further proof that Celebrity Insider is not on the inside of celebrity lives at all.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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