Brad Pitt’s Mom Moved Into House Following Angelina Jolie Split?

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Brad Pitt Mom Moved In

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Mom Moved In

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Has Brad Pitt’s mom really moved into his house to take care of him in the wake of his split from Angelina Jolie? That’s the claim being made in one of this week’s new tabloids, but Gossip Cop has the exclusive truth about the situation.

The latest issue of the National Enquirer alleges the actor’s mother, Jane Pitt, is now living with him because she’s worried about his well-being. A supposed “source” tells the outlet she’s concerned “he’s lost a lot of weight” and “just wants to keep an eye on him.” The magazine’s questionable insider adds, “Brad doesn’t have a lot of friends to begin with, and now that people are taking sides over the divorce, he’s more than happy to have her around.”

But Gossip Cop looked into the tabloid’s story, and a rep for Pitt exclusively assures us the actor’s mom hasn’t moved in with him. We’re told the publication’s entire report is simply “false,” which isn’t shocking, considering the Enquirer has repeatedly published bogus claims about the movie star.

Oddly enough, this isn’t even the first time Gossip Cop has called out the magazine for concocting a fake story surrounding the actor’s living situation. We recently busted the tabloid for wrongly reporting Pitt moved into a sober house. Gossip Cop also debunked the outlet’s tall tale about Pitt being forced into rehab. All of these stories are fake, and the Enquirer clearly needs better sources for the actor.

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