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A story claiming Brad Pitt's mom is "so happy" he and Jennifer Aniston are "talking again" was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust the fabrication. We can also explain how readers themselves can tell it is concocted and untrue.

The report in question comes from HollywoodLife, and the first clue this is a phony "exclusive" appears right in the introductory paragraph, with the site asserting, "We're hearing how Brad Pitt's mom is reacting to him reportedly talking to Jennifer Aniston again!" If the blog was really "hearing" about Jane Pitt's reaction, it would know for sure whether or not the actor and his ex-wife are really talking again, instead of couching the claim with "reportedly."

The second clue that this narrative is bogus is that it's based off the latest Star cover story, which Gossip Cop debunked a few days ago for wrongly alleging Pitt and Aniston are "back on," and that it was George Clooney who helped rekindle their relationship. Even after both Pitt and Clooney's reps denied the allegations were true, HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, is still spreading the misinformation, writing, "As we previously reported, it was George Clooney who reportedly helped these [two] start talking again." Clooney actually has nothing to do with whether Pitt and Aniston do or don't talk, and if the website really had an "insider," as it purports in this story, it wouldn't again be relying on phrases like "reportedly."

Speaking of the outlet's supposed "insider," the third clue that this piece was manufactured comes with the alleged source contending, "Brad's mom Jane has always had a soft spot for Jennifer." A real person wouldn't need to say "Brad's mom Jane" in conversation like that. It would just be "Brad's mom has always" or "Jane has always." The fourth clue appears in another one of the almost assuredly fake quotes. "[Jane] hated the way things ended between Brad and Jen so it's a big relief that they've mended fences. She's so happy that they're back in touch," contends this seemingly fictional "insider."

Why is it apparent this assertion is fake and that the "insider" is fictional? Well, Pitt and Aniston didn't suddenly "mend fences" and they didn't just get "back in touch." It was more than a year ago that reliable publications like People reported, and Gossip Cop confirmed, that Pitt and Aniston were texting. It was revealed a full 12 months ago that Aniston and Pitt considered themselves to be "friends." Obviously, the actor's own mother would know they've been communicating on occasion for quite a while now, and wouldn't be reacting to the pair "talking again" as if it just happened.

In fact, the multiple verified reports from a year ago about Pitt and Aniston being back in touch also help debunk the contention that Clooney has suddenly gotten the former spouses back in each other's orbit. The tabloid and the site want readers to believe something is brewing between the exes when nothing has actually changed. And if HollywoodLies really had an "insider," it would know that the Star article was a sham and it would know that Pitt and Aniston were already talking long before this week's claims. Instead, the blog exposed itself as frauds by attempting to make-up a provably wrong related story that doesn't pass the smell test. A rep for Pitt even tells Gossip Cop this tale is "just silly."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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