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HollywoodLife claims Brad Pitt was "heartbroken" over not being able to spend time with his twins Vivienne and Knox on their 9th birthday, but the article about him missing his kids is made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news story. We're told no one in Pitt's insider circle is talking to the website about his children.

The latest manufactured piece is titled, "Brad Pitt Heartbroken He Couldn't Be With Knox & Vivienne For Disneyland B-Day Celebration." The often discredited site then has a so-called "source" stating the obvious: "[Pitt would] have loved to be there for their Disney birthday party but... there's plenty of time in the future to take them to Disneyland." The outlet's seemingly made-up insider further contends that not spending time with Knox and Vivienne on their birthday was "painful," and adds it's "hard" for Pitt to "miss out on special moments" with his children.

Basically, HollywoodLies, as it's known, is simply taking how it's difficult for any parent going through a divorce to not spent time, especially birthdays, with their kids. The repeatedly disproven site has no direct connection to Pitt, and is doing nothing more than pretending to have insight into how the actor is "heartbroken" over not sharing Knox and Vivienne's birthday with them in person. There's nothing in the site's quotations about it being "hard" and "painful" that are actually unique to Pitt. And the reason is because the blog appears to not really have any credible sources for the star.

As Gossip Cop has previously noted, no one in Pitt's trusted camp is sharing personal details about his kids with HollywoodLies. Of course, Pitt would've preferred to be with the kids on their birthday, but the webloid is merely stating the obvious, describing normal reactions that parents have when being separating from their children while going through a divorce. An actual Pitt insider has told us on several occasions that the site is speculating at best, but often just fabricating articles about him.

Just a month ago, HollywoodLies made up another fake news story about Pitt's Father's Day plans, claiming he was going to spend the day with his six children, having an "epic paintball war" and a "skateboarding competition." As Gossip Cop accurately noted at the time, the entire story was a complete lie. In reality, the actor's brood was traveling abroad with Angelina Jolie that day.

Sadly, that's just one of the far too many tall tales created by HollywoodLies about Pitt. Gossip Cop has busted the site in the past for posting a slew of fictitious stories about Pitt, including phony reports about him dating Kate Hudson and getting back together with Jolie. And just last week, we exposed the distrustful outlet for its fake news story about Pitt meeting George Clooney's twins. The only thing that's truly "painful" is the lengths HollywoodLife goes to when making up articles about celebrities.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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