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Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie aren't in a "new scandal," nor have the two ever been in an old scandal for that matter. However, one of this week's tabloids is falsely claiming otherwise. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Last week, Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline for wrongly reporting that Pitt is "crushing on" Robbie on the set of Quentin Tarantino's upcoming movie Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. The unreliable blog claimed the co-stars were getting "super close" while shooting the film, which has caused the actress's husband, Tom Ackerley, to become very "worried." The site further alleged that Pitt is "very taken" with Robbie because she has "all the qualities he loves in a girl."

A source close to Pitt, however, told Gossip Cop that the site's article was both untrue and "entirely predictable." It's worth noting, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood only started shooting a couple of weeks ago and Robbie has yet to be spotted on the film's set. It's unclear how much time she and Pitt have even spent together, but regardless, the actor isn't pursuing his co-star.

Unfortunately, New Idea has decided to regurgitate RadarOnline's bogus story without bothering to do any fact-checking or reporting of its own. In its report, the magazine also recycles a November 2016 HollywoodLife article that Gossip Cop already debunked. The blog had alleged at the time that Robbie was responsible for Pitt's divorce from Angelina Jolie because the actor cast her in a cameo role in The Big Short against Jolie's wishes. Naturally, that premise was completely absurd, but the magazine cited the old story just so it could refer to this latest nonsense as a "new scandal."

It should be noted, "Entertainment Tonight" reported just last week that Pitt is "not looking to leap into a serious relationship" at this time. The trusted celebrity news show further noted that the movie star is "good-natured and professional" on the set of his upcoming movie, but "when he isn't filming, he spends most of his time away in his trailer." He's certainly not hitting on Robbie in between takes. It was also mentioned that Pitt's focus these days "are his children and his work." Nowhere did it say that the actor is spending his downtime pursuing his married co-star.

Unfortunately, several other tabloids have also attempted to create a nonexistent romance between Pitt and Robbie, so now that the two are on set together, Gossip Cop suspects there will be plenty of more phony stories about the pair. As our Pitt confidante rightly said, the tactic is "entirely predictable."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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