Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie Becoming The Next Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone?

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Brad Pitt Margot Robbie Ryan Gosling Emma Stone

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Margot Robbie Ryan Gosling Emma Stone

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Are Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie becoming the next Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone by teaming up on a bunch of movies together? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop has learned the truth.

According to NW, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-stars have developed “professional crushes” on each other and are planning to become a new on-screen duo. Although Robbie is married to producer Tom Ackerley, the magazine’s “source” says, “Everyone knows Brad’s a total sucker for a beautiful co-star. It’s all completely innocent, but let’s just say producers and PR won’t be pulling them off each other during the press tour.”

The alleged insider goes on to say that Robbie has “been pitching him projects they should collaborate on in the future and it seems Brad may take her up on the offer.” The seemingly phony tipster adds, “Margot can visualize them becoming the next Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. It doesn’t matter the age difference because she says they just ‘get each other.’ She so loved filming with him and now being back with Brad for the promotional tour… She doesn’t want it to finish.”

In addition to the tabloid’s story being made-up, it doesn’t make all that much sense. Gosling and Stone played love interests in all three of their films together, La La Land, Gangster Squad and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Pitt and Robbie’s characters don’t appear to be romantically involved in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In fact, the actress said in a recent interview with Porter magazine that she doesn’t share many scenes with Pitt and didn’t spend much time with him on set.

Additionally, Gossip Cop already busted the National Enquirer for falsely claiming Robbie has been flirting with Pitt and pitching him projects. Much like this latest article, the premise was based on claims from an anonymous and seemingly imaginary “insider.” Pitt’s own spokesperson, however, told Gossip Cop on the record that the report was fabricated. The co-stars don’t have a flirty friendship, and have no plans to collaborate again at this time. Both Pitt and Robbie have a number of projects lined up, but none of them include each other.

It’s worth noting that when the Australian actress was still in talks for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last year, NW falsely claimed Robbie’s husband was refusing to let her work with Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. Robbie officially signed on for the film shortly after we debunked the bogus story. The latest report about the co-stars becoming an on-screen team is nothing more than fiction.


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