Brad Pitt Finds Rumors Linking Him To Margot Robbie “Rude” And “Bizarre”

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Brad Pitt Margo Robbie

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Brad Pitt Margo Robbie

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Brad Pitt find rumors romantically linking him to Margot Robbie “rude” and “bizarre,” a source close to the actor shares with Gossip Cop. We’re told he “understands that kind of thing happens” when he stars in movies, but he still feels it’s “insulting” to actresses who are doing nothing more than their job. As for his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-star Robbie, he’s “been around the block long enough to know that [the linking of co-stars] is bound to happen,” because of how tabloids or certain websites operate, but as our insider adds, “It’s not like they even have love scenes together or anything like that.”

Our tipster reveals the actor in general “doesn’t really pay much attention” to the what’s being said or written about him, which is why Pitt laughed off a reconciliation question about his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston that was recently asked by a paparazzo. But when Pitt does hear about a rumor or a story that’s untrue, he “lets it roll off him.” Our source thinks it’s because he’s “been in the business long enough” to know it’s all nonsense.

That said, Gossip Cop hears Pitt was made aware about some of the tales linking him to Robbie. He found them to be “bizarre” since their interactions were relatively limited on the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood set, and more importantly because she’s married to producer and frequent collaborator Tom Ackerley. “It’s like [the tabloids and blogs] are dismissive of her personal life because a story about her and Brad sells [magazines or get clicks].”

Gossip Cop is actually acutely aware of this since we’ve had to debunk an absurd number of false reports about Pitt and Robbie. It began a little more than a year ago with an OK! article that wrongly maintained Pitt was “obsessed” with Robbie. The tale grew out of the fact the actor was already signed to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Robbie, who starred in The Big Short, which Pitt produced, was in talks to play Sharon Tate in the move.

That was followed up a week later by another story that alleged Pitt hit on Robbie at a pre-Oscars party because he had a “crush” on her. The truth, however, was that they spoke briefly at the event, and the conversation was about Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, which Robbie had still not signed on to at that point.

Not long after that, there was a bogus report about how Robbie’s husband wouldn’t let her work with Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom she had also done The Wolf Of Wall Street. Following that piece, of course, the actress joined the cast of the Quentin Tarantino film. That prompted literally a dozen more articles that have untruthfully asserted Pitt and Robbie were attracted to one another while they shot and later promoted the movie.

One such story that Gossip Cop debunked was a tale about Ackerley having to keep an eye on Robbie and Pitt during production. That was a lie, as was a Star piece from two weeks ago that contended Pitt and Robbie were flirting and becoming “Hollywood’s hottest couple.” Pitt’s own rep even went on the record to call the report untrue. But, as Pitt feels, these articles are more than just inaccurate, they’re also “rude.”


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