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Brad Pitt Life Kids OK

(OK Magazine)

Brad Pitt did not talk to OK! about his "life with my kids." The tabloid's new cover and its accompanying story were made up. What's more is that the gossip magazine photoshopped pictures of the actor and his children to give the false appearance that they stepped out in public together.

The new cover declares, "Brad: Life With My Kids." The wording was crafted to give the impression that Pitt spoke to the outlet about, well, his life with his kids. But he did not. The photo featured on the front of the edition is deceptive as well. At first glance, it appears to be a picture of Pitt out with daughters Shiloh and Vivienne. But it's actually a manipulation of two snapshots that were digitally combined into one to make readers think it was a photo of Pitt recently out in public with his children.

Similarly, inside the edition there's another photoshopped snapshot. That one shows Pitt with Shiloh, Knox and Zahara but it a combination of two separate pictures. Pitt was not with his kids at the time each photo was taken. Nowhere does OK! tell readers that these photos are the work of digital trickery. The outlet wants to mislead consumers, and it does so in its article as well, by pretending to have insight on Pitt and his kids being "together again."

None of the information comes from Pitt himself, but supposed "sources" and "insiders," even though the publication has previously shown that its "sources" and "insiders" are unreliable, if they even really exist at all. One such "insider" asserts the actor has taken time to "own up to the mistakes he made," and "that's brought him and the kids much closer together." The supposed snitch goes on to dish about the alleged role family therapy has played, and how Pitt's bonded with all of his kids apart from eldest son Maddox.

"They've gone to the zoo, had movie nights at home, and he even cooks for them," the purported tipster is quoted as saying. And that line is yet another indication that this story was falsified. If Pitt actually took his kids to the zoo, it would have been widely documented by paparazzi and the media. It would have marked the first time he was seen in public with his children since his split from Angelina Jolie was announced last September, and the surrounding attention would have been huge.

But Pitt hasn't been seen publicly with the kids, which is why the tabloid resorted to photoshopping pictures. That said, it is true the movie star is spending time with his brood on occasion. The issue is that the details of this article are entirely made up. Neither Pitt nor anyone close to him is talking to the magazine about his private life with his children, Gossip Cop has confirmed. And we must point out this is the same publication that fabricated a cover story last November about Pitt and Jolie having a Thanksgiving reunion. We rest our case.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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