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Did Brad Pitt really turn down an offer to join Leonardo DiCaprio's infamous group of party friends? A salacious new story claims Pitt rejected the opportunity to hang with his new co-star's gang of guys. But Gossip Cop has learned this report was all made up.

The narrative comes from Naughty Gossip, which is closely affiliated with the National Enquirer and RadarOnline. The blog contends the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood stars have been "bonding and getting along so well on the set of their new film that the Titanic star has made Brad an offer most men could not refuse - come join the [expletive] patrol." So-called "sources" are quoted as collectively saying, "Leo and his close friends formed the '[expletive] patrol' years ago, where the group go out and party together and meet lots of pretty girls."

"But the club hasn't been accepting new members for a long time, until Brad and Leo hit it off," contends these untraceable insiders. The site's alleges "sources" go on to assert, "It is the most exclusive club in Hollywood. Can you imagine hanging out with Leo, going around town with the coolest guys getting anything you want?" It's claimed that "most men would kill to get into this pack — except Brad passed." The supposed snitches maintain, "At the moment, Brad is too concerned about his kids and his ugly divorce with Angie to be lighting up the town."

There are a number of reasons why it's obvious this is all a fabrication. First of all, DiCaprio's clique isn't known as the "[expletive] patrol," but the "[expletive] posse." That might seem like a minor distinction, but a simple Google search makes clear that other outlets, from Buzzfeed to Esquire, are aware of the actual name. And any real "sources" close to DiCaprio would be aware, too.

Second, it was known more than two months ago that Pitt has chosen fatherhood over dating. Asserting now that Pitt is "concerned about his kids" and focused on his divorce with Jolie isn't a scoop, but something that's been common knowledge for quite a while. Third, the website's tale about the actor choosing not to date doesn't explain what happened to Pitt supposedly going back to school to "impress" Neri Oxman. That's what the blog claimed, albeit wrongly, a few months ago.

And fourth, these contentions about DiCaprio offering to hook Pitt up are reminiscent of a story earlier this month from the Enquirer's sister publication, Star. In that article, it was alleged DiCaprio was setting Pitt up with models and encouraging him to "embrace his hot dad status." Now two weeks after Gossip Cop busted that, it seems as if Naughty Gossip combined that premise with our debunking for its own story claiming DiCaprio invited Pitt to join his, uh, "patrol," only to be turned down.

The truth is that these things were never on the table to begin with. A spokesperson for Pitt confirms to Gossip Cop it's all fabricated, which is clear through the four red flags we've explained above.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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