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A new story about how Brad Pitt thinks leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie was "one of the biggest mistakes of his life" is totally made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this latest piece of fiction, which further alleges fans who've wanted the exes to get back together ever since their divorce in 2005 now have "cause for hope." We're told the entire article is a fabrication.

According to In Touch, which has published a mind-boggling number of provably untrue covers stories about the two stars, Pitt "regrets" leaving Aniston for Jolie. The tabloid has an either misinformed or possibly manufactured "source" say that after a year-plus since his split from Jolie, Pitt has "come to realize that leaving Jen for Angelina was one of the biggest mistakes of his life." "Brad keeps telling friends that he's seeing everything more clearly," adds the questionable "source," who doesn't mention with which "friends" Pitt has supposedly shared this revelation.

This new tabloid tale then rehashes its previously debunked premise that Pitt would "take a second chance at love" with Aniston, who the magazine falsely contends is having marital issues with her husband Justin Theroux. From there, the article pivots to how the former spouses were partners in the production company Plan B, which Pitt still runs, and how he allegedly wants Aniston "involved again." In a pathetic attempt to once more pit the two women against each other, the publication's seemingly phony source maintains Aniston would gladly re-team with her ex-husband because she'd be "thrilled to win an Academy Award for Best Actress, something that's evaded both her and Angelina."

While technically true, it appears the purported "insider" has no clue that Jolie actually has two Academy Awards, including an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Girl, Interrupted. And curiously, while contending the ex-spouses plan to work together on a film, the tabloid doesn't mention its April 2017 cover story that falsely asserted Pitt had cast Aniston as his co-star in Ad Astra to get revenge on Jolie. As widely reported, Pitt's co-star is Ruth Negga. The actor's rep exclusively told Gossip Cop at the time that the claim was "total nonsense on every possible level in every possible way."

Regardless, Gossip Cop fact-checked the magazine's new claim that Pitt thinks leaving Aniston for Jolie was "one of the biggest mistakes of his life," and we're assured it's total lie. An impeccable Pitt contact scoffs, "How can [In Touch] say that? [Pitt and Jolie] spent more than a decade together and have six kids together?" Our insider further called the tabloid's tale an unprintable expletive that refers to what one might find on a farm with bulls.

While Gossip Cop will not enumerate each untruth in the tabloid's article, it should be noted that Pitt is not looking to take a "second chance at love" with his ex-wife. Nor is there "cause for hope" that Aniston and Pitt will get back together. Also, Aniston is currently married to Justin Theroux.

Sadly, the sheer number of falsehoods jammed into the publication's latest article is not entirely surprising, given the vast amount of phony cover stories it has printed in the past about Pitt and Aniston. Among the many reports Gossip Cop has corrected was the tabloid's "world exclusive" in June 2016 that Aniston was "finally pregnant." How did that work out?

To be sure, in just the past few months alone the tabloid has published a slew of other lies on its cover, including how Pitt won custody of his and Jolie's kids; how he's writing a tell-all about his two ex-wives; and how he's "in love" with Aniston. Not one of those articles that was splashed on the front of the magazine has even a kernel of truth to it. And oddly, what happened to the mysterious artist the outlet swore Pitt was getting married to in an August cover story?

Again, the publication's claim that Pitt believes leaving Aniston for Jolie is "one of the biggest mistakes in his life" is 100 percent made-up. No trusted Pitt pal would tell the magazine such an absurd falsehood or that there's "cause for hope" the exes will get back together. In fact, it seems there's little hope for In Touch. But, if you still believe the tabloid after all the examples Gossip Cop has provided that irrefutably prove the outlet has a history of printing untruths about Pitt, then we would like you to consider buying a bridge from us in Brooklyn.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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