Brad Pitt NOT “Caught Kissing Another Woman,” Despite Report

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Brad Pitt Cheating Kissing Woman

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Cheating Kissing Woman

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Brad Pitt was NOT “caught kissing another woman” behind Angelina Jolie’s back, despite a laughably wrong webloid report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim.

Pitt is currently in London filming the World War II thriller Allied, and was recently photographed kissing co-star Lizzy Caplan on set. Of course, the two were filming a scene for the movie and weren’t “caught” as RadarOnline falsely claims. Additionally, Pitt and Caplan plays siblings in the film, and the set photos in question depict him kissing his “sister” on the cheek, despite the webloid alleging the two were “sharing a passionate kiss.”

Unfortunately, the inaccuracies of the site’s inaccurate report don’t end there. It goes on to say Pitt and Caplan are filming the sequel to World War Z, which is completely incorrect. The webloid further falsely purports that Pitt and Jolie are “at war over who’s looking after the kids,” adding, “Pitts’ [sic] return to WWZ caused a rift between the parents of six.” Once again, Pitt is not currently filming the follow-up to World War Z, and the “rift” allegation is no more truthful. Actually, the entire family moved to London together while Pitt works so he can spend time with Jolie and their children.

Of course, Gossip Cop has repeatedly corrected RadarOnline for falsely creating cheating rumors in Pitt and Jolie’s relationship. But the site has reached a ridiculous new low by taking set photos of Pitt kissing the cheek of an actress who plays his sister, and passing it off as evidence that he’s supposedly two-timing his wife.

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Brad Pitt was caught kissing another woman.


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