Brad Pitt Helping Kanye West Break Into Acting?

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Brad Pitt Kanye West acting

By Griffin Matis |

Brad Pitt Kanye West acting

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Is Brad Pitt really helping Kanye West break into acting? That false rumor has been made up by one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can confirm it’s not true.

According to Life & Style, West asked Pitt to help him launch a movie career after the actor attended one of the rapper’s Sunday Services. “Kanye’s conquered the world of music and fashion, and now he’s set his sights on taking over Hollywood,” an alleged source tells the outlet. “And with Brad on board, he’s hoping it won’t be long until he lands a role in a big franchise like Star Wars.”

The tabloid does acknowledge West’s acting work in music videos and shorts, as well as his brief cameo in Anchorman 2, but says those roles weren’t fulfilling enough for the rapper. “Brad really admires Kanye’s work and is more than willing to help out his new pal,” adds the questionable tipster. “Kanye’s convinced he could even win an Oscar one day and is determined to make it happen.” The supposed source adds that Pitt has even “offered to help Kanye run lines and flip through scripts.”

The tabloid’s entire article is fabricated. Although Pitt attended West’s Sunday Service and is indeed friendly with the rapper, he’s not helping him launch an acting career, nor has West asked for his help in doing so. People magazine, a much more reputable source for celebrity news, recently reported Pitt and West are more into discussing fatherhood than Hollywood.

Still, Gossip Cop ran the tabloid’s story by Pitt’s spokesperson, who tells us it’s totally “false.” The actor has been extremely complimentary of West in interviews, and has also expressed serious admiration for the rapper’s sermons. That being said, there’s nothing to suggest that West is looking to expand his talents to the big screen, let alone that he’s working with Pitt or dreaming of winning an Oscar. And as much as we’d like to see the rapper in a Star Wars movie, that doesn’t appear to be happening.

Of course, this isn’t the first bogus story to emerge out of Pitt and West’s surprising friendship. RadarOnline, a sister publication of Life & Style, falsely claimed last week that Angelina Jolie was trying to end Pitt’s friendship with West. Gossip Cop also busted New Idea for an outlandish story about Pitt’s daughter Shiloh being upset about him attending West’s church service. We’ll continue to call out these fake reports surrounding the movie star and the rapper.


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