Brad Pitt, Justin Theroux Had Awkward Run-In At Restaurant?

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Brad Pitt Justin Theroux Restaurant

By Andrew Shuster |

Brad Pitt Justin Theroux Restaurant

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Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux did NOT have an awkward run-in at a restaurant, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told it “never happened.”

According to the National Enquirer, Pitt was enjoying a meal at a swanky Hollywood eatery when Theroux walked in and was seated at a table directly beside his. A so-called “source” tells the magazine, in oddly unnatural language, “The joint turned into Siberia in seconds. That’s how icy it got in there when the guys spotted each other.” The tabloid’s dubious insider goes on to claim that Pitt “was visibly thrown off at seeing” his ex-wife’s husband, so he “reversed his chair to avoid facing his nemesis while eating.”

The publication’s questionable source continues, “The two leading men, acting like babies, wouldn’t even acknowledge each other and the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife!” Despite the magazine having zero details about when and where this supposed incident occurred, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the situation, who exclusively assures us the encounter “never happened.”

Of course, we’re not surprised by the tabloid’s bogus story. Gossip Cop previously corrected the Enquirer for wrongly reporting that Pitt had offered Theroux a movie role. And shortly before that inaccurate claim, we debunked the outlet’s phony report about Pitt sending a wedding gift to Theroux and Jennifer Aniston. Those tales were completely fabricated, and the same goes for this latest one.

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Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux had an awkward run-in at a restaurant.

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