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Former Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump was a fixture in Hollywood long before he lived in the White House. The Home Alone 2: Lost In New York star has received some legitimate famous endorsements from folks like Scott Baio, Lil Wayne, and Ted Nugent. Tabloids have reported some true A-list support over the years though. Here are some celebrities who have tabloids have claimed endorsed the Trump presidency.

A Brad Pitt Endorsement?

According to DailyNewPosts, the Fight Club star called Trump "the best President in U.S. history." In a rather incoherent story riddled with typos like "And You Will This Soon," the website claimed Pitt endorsed Trump on the Today Show. Pitt's most recent appearance on The Today Show when this story was published came in 2015 was when he appeared with his wife Angelina Jolie. That was both before the divorce, and before Trump entered office. The story was inane and false.

A Julia Roberts Endorsement?

The blog Daily News For Americans claimed that the Pretty Woman star called Trump "the best president in U.S. history." Woah that's familiar, isn't it? In another story riddled with poor punctuation, the website ran an article saying "Actress Julia Roberts Says: Trump Is The Best President in U.S. History and We Must Respect Him." Congratulations, you just read that entire original article. it was nothing more than a made-up headline. The tabloid couldn't even make up a TV appearance. It was lazy and dumb. Roberts never endorsed Trump.

An Emma Stone Endorsement?

The unreliable blog Worldwide Politics claimed that Stone had urged Americans to "stand behind" President Trump as he "can change this country for the better." This is another story that only had quotes but no actual context. In reality, Stone was an active Clinton supporter. She has since done some fundraising for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. She never said we need to "stand behind" the Little Rascals star.

Did Denzel Washington Endorse Him?

According to the blog YourNewsWire, the Malcolm X star said Trump had saved America from becoming an "Orwellian police state." Washington's endorsement apparently came at a vague press conference where he told reporters, "If the Democrats had won the election, we never would have found out they were using false documents to get warrants to spy on American citizens and political opponents." That must have been a pretty damn exclusive press conference, as only this blog seems to have been in attendance. Washington never said any of this, so Gossip Cop busted the story.

What About Harrison Ford?

The blog UberConservative claimed that Harrison Ford endorsed Trump in an appearance on Fox And Friends. He apparently told the panel "I feel that the president is certainly fighting for the American cause and I'm not afraid to say what I think." This was a simple bust for Gossip Cop as the Witness star has never even been on that particular show. For good measure, the site doctored a photo of Ford holding a sign to show a Trump sign instead. Ford has publically endorsed Biden for President.


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