Brad Pitt is not worried his kids are in danger following recent reports claiming Angelina Jolie almost got involved in a plot to capture African warlord Joseph Kony. A new tabloid story says the actor is fearful of the dangerous criminal seeking revenge against his family, but it's entirely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight.

The Sunday Times reported last month that Jolie considered working with the International Criminal Court in 2012 to help take down Kony. Leaked emails sent by former ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo supposedly indicated the actress wanted "to invite Kony to dinner and then arrest him." According to the British publication, other exchanges stated that Jolie would be "embedded with the special forces that are chasing Kony." The outlet also said Pitt was supportive of the plan and considered participating himself. Of course, the alleged mission never came to fruition.

The National Enquirer now claims the actor is concerned that associates of Kony's could "cause physical harm to Angie and her kids as retribution." A supposed "source" tells the magazine, in language that sounds fabricated, "Brad Pitt should be worried about his children, especially if the increasingly frail Angie goes traveling to Africa. The [Lord's Resistance Army] is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States. Angie's a UN envoy so traveling is on her agenda. Kony is not a nice guy." He's not? Thanks for the heads-up. The alleged insider adds, "Despite their bitter divorce, Brad is concerned for Angie and their kids."

The first problem with the tabloid's story is that it's all based on a questionable report. Jolie's people never confirmed her involvement in any kind of secret mission, and from what Gossip Cop understands, there are several inaccuracies surrounding the situation. Regardless, a source close to Pitt exclusively assures us the Enquirer's account of events is entirely made-up.

This phony article is coming from the same tabloid that Gossip Cop busted for claiming Jolie adopted more kids without Pitt following their split. Shortly before that nonsense, we called out the magazine for wrongly reporting Jolie was fleeing the country with her children. This latest story about the couple is more fiction from the repeatedly discredited outlet.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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