False Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Stories Shared By Outlets

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Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt False Stories

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt False Stories

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False stories about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are being shared online by a number of outlets. Consequently, the internet is becoming flooded with fake news and readers are being duped with fiction instead of receiving facts. Gossip Cop can expose the problem.

On Friday, a site called from Pakistan is offering an article with the headline, “Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt might be getting back together.” The accompanying story alleges the exes are “considering giving their relationship another chance” and have been “meeting in secret after George Clooney encouraged Pitt to reach out to Aniston after her split” with Justin Theroux. The outlet goes on to quote directly from this week’s Star magazine cover story, which was the first to maintain, albeit wrongly, that Pitt and Aniston were “back on,” thanks in large part to Clooney’s alleged maneuvering.

Gossip Cop busted these false claims on Wednesday, within hours of the issue hitting newsstands. On Thursday, we again highlighted that the contentions were untrue when HollywoodLife regurgitated the misinformation. Now on Friday, the falsehoods are still spreading. In fact, as seen in the screengrabs below, another site by the name of, which is based in India, is also sharing the debunked assertions, as is The latter actually teases readers, “Let’s wait and watch what turn this love story takes.”

The issue even exists when one doesn’t even search for Aniston and Pitt news. A query for Angelina Jolie brings up an article from Pakistan’s The Express Tribune, titled, “Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt might be getting back together.” The piece is filled with the same already disproven claims, and the text is actually almost identical to that offered by News18. Again, it’s important to realize several of these posts have come two days after the allegations were originally shot down. But the outlets apparently decided to be late and wrong rather than put any efforts towards fact-checking and truth-telling.

So, Gossip Cop will set the record straight again. Pitt and Aniston are not dating. What’s more is that Aniston and Pitt haven’t even seen each other in quite some time. They lead separate lives, aside from the occasional friendly text. And on top of a spokesperson for Pitt denying a reconciliation to Gossip Cop, Clooney’s rep has also denied that the star has been playing matchmaker for his friends.

Given that this correct information is readily available for publications that wish to investigate, there’s no justification for purported news outlets to be running the fictional narrative instead of the factual one. The unfortunate consequence is that all this fake news ends up drowning out real news and duping readers. If you wants facts, there’s only one Gossip Cop, but if you want fiction, support your local bookstore.



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