Brad Pitt Dragged Into Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Split With Fake News

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Split Fake News

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Split Fake News

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Brad Pitt is wrongly being dragged into Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s split through fake news. Gossip Cop can explain what’s going on and bust the untrue reports.

In December, In Touch published a bogus story about Pitt giving his ex-wife a “shoulder to cry on” amid marital trouble with Theroux. It was specifically claimed the actor and Aniston “even met up” for Pitt to console her in person. Gossip Cop, however, confirmed that no such meeting ever took place, nor was the actress confiding in him about any relationship woes.

But now that Aniston and Theroux have split, the tabloid is again promoting the phony claims on its website. Just as it did a few months ago, the gossip magazine maintains Aniston was an “unlikely source of comfort and strength” for Pitt following his breakup with Angelina Jolie, and asserts he has now “returned the favor.” The allegations, however, remain completely untrue.

Not surprisingly, Life & Style is engaging in a similar practice. In January, the outlet picked up the premise from its sister publication, In Touch, and announced Pitt and Aniston were “bonding like never before.” One of that article’s fake quotes claimed the exes were “helping each other through their respective troubles.” And though that storyline was busted a month ago, the tabloid is now repeating it simply because Aniston has separated from Theroux.

In fact, in both of these cases it appears the outlets just changed the timestamps of their original posts and made minor alterations to make it seem like these are real, current news articles in the wake of Aniston and Theroux’s split. In actuality, this is all old fake news. Both of these stories were debunked when they originally came out. Whatever was going on in Aniston’s marriage did not involve Pitt. That hasn’t changed all of a sudden.

Last year, it was confirmed that Pitt and Aniston were in touch via texting. But the gossip media ran with that kernel of truth and embellished it into some grand fairy tale about the former spouses getting back together. That was tabloid fantasy, not reality. What’s actually going is far more simple and even boring.

Like many supportive exes, Pitt and Aniston keep their limited communication platonic and professional. But the reality is Aniston and Pitt have not actually seen each other in a very long time, and their lives, frankly, have nothing to do with each other. This may be disappointing to fans, who have been misled by the tabloids and duped into thinking a romantic reunion is on the horizon. And while the gossip magazines only have quotes from vague and untraceable sources, instead Pitt’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop in no uncertain terms that he “doesn’t have anything to do” with Aniston and her split.

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