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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are not having "secret sleepovers," despite a fake news story that claims the ex-spouses are on the verge of getting back together. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this ridiculous report, which is in one of this week's tabloids. We're assured it's fabricated.

This week's cover of In Touch says Aniston has been leaning on Pitt in the wake of her split from Justin Theroux. A so-called "family friend" of the actor tells the magazine, "Brad and Jen are spending more and more time together. Those close to the pair wouldn't be surprised if they've even had secret sleepovers."

The outlet's questionable insider further contends that Aniston had previously turned to her ex-husband for guidance amid her and Theroux's marriage problems. "He really understood what Jen was going through in her failing relationship," says the supposed source. "One day, Jen showed up at his door while Justin was out of town and they were having problems. Brad sat her right down and provided the counsel that she needed."

The seemingly nonexistent "family friend" goes on to say that Pitt helped his ex-wife "come to terms with ending it with Justin," and the two have been spending time together ever since, including staying overnight at hotels in Los Angeles. "What's surprising about her split from Justin is that one of her greatest supporters is her first husband," adds the alleged insider.

The "source" further speculates that Pitt and Aniston's supposed reunion could lead to another trip down the aisle, adding, "Brad and Jen have come full circle. It's definitely getting serious again. I think their fans are rooting for them. In the end, doesn't everyone just want Brad to be with Jen?" The questionable tipster concludes, "They were meant to be back together!"

But as Gossip Cop has repeatedly noted, the exes aren't headed towards a romantic reconciliation. Although it's true that Pitt and Aniston exchange friendly texts on occasion, the tabloid's description of their relationship is completely untrue. In fact, just a few days ago, People rightly reported Pitt and Aniston "haven't seen each other in ages," making "sleepovers" impossible.

A few other things bear mentioning: If Pitt and Aniston were trying to have "secret sleepovers," wouldn't it make more sense to do it in their private homes rather than "staying overnight at hotels in Los Angeles" and possibly being spotted in public? Additionally, it's disingenuous of the tabloid to illustrate its cover story with an old photo of the two together to give the impression that Aniston and Pitt are currently spending time with one another. Regardless, reps for both exclusively assure Gossip Cop on the record that they're not comforting or seeing each other.

Of course, In Touch frequently published bogus stories about Aniston and Pitt reuniting when she was still with Theroux, so we're not surprised the unreliable tabloid is keeping the narrative going. Last month, Gossip Cop called out the publication for wrongly reporting that Aniston met Pitt's six children. No such gathering occurred, and these latest alleged meetings between the exes are also imaginary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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