Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Went On Secret Date In New York City?

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side by side photos of Jennifer Aniston smiling in a black dress next to a photo of Brad Pitt in a black on black suit

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Jennifer Aniston smiling in a black dress next to a photo of Brad Pitt in a black on black suit

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston shared a secret dinner date in New York City? That’s the tired rumor from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop found it to be false.

Woman’s Day claims the ex-spouses recently had a spur-of-the-moment meet-up in the Big Apple. “When they both realized they were in town for work commitments they decided, ‘why not?'” a supposed source tells the magazine. Aniston was making the rounds doing publicity for her Apple+ series, The Morning Show, but the outlet doesn’t specify what work-related events brought Pitt to the city.

“Jen and Brad have been speaking again for the last few months, and while Jen insists it’s strictly platonic, she’s been enjoying his company and friendship again,” the alleged tipster adds. “It’s come as a real surprise.” The outlet maintains that the two stars went to Il Mulino, “one of Jen’s all-time favorite restaurants.” Since Aniston is familiar with the restaurant, claims the outlet, she could rest easy knowing the staff would be discreet.

“They spent the evening putting many of their unspoken issues and resentments to bed after years of harboring a lot of anger and hurt,” the questionable insider continues. “Jen described later how cathartic it was for her to have those conversations and finally feel at peace with what happened between them. She really respects the lengths he’s gone to improve himself and face his demons head on — the same demons that contributed to the breakdown of their marriage.”

According to the article, the exes are supposedly “building back the trust that was lost” as Aniston supports Pitt with sobriety and he tries to “rectify the damage” from the collapse of their marriage. “Brad has demonstrated that he now understands just how much heartache Jen has been through,” the suspicious insider says, “and she has appreciated his attempts to make things right.”

“They’ve been texting and plan to meet up in LA in a few weeks’ time,” the source continues. “Jen’s even invited him to a dinner party at her house for Thanksgiving. She feels like she’s got the Brad back that she first met all those years ago.”

As we mentioned earlier, the tabloid refuses to specify what brought Pitt to the same city as Aniston. As a matter of fact, Gossip Cop couldn’t find anything indicating that the Ad Astra star had been in New York during Aniston’s publicity tour. Pitt was in NYC for a commercial sometime before October and was just in LA for a Q&A for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Meanwhile, it’s nearly impossible that two of the biggest stars in the world could go on a date in NYC while going unnoticed and un-photographed by any passerby, patrons or, of course, the paparazzi.

Still, we checked with Pitt’s spokesperson, who is going on the record to tell Gossip Cop the story is “false” and confirms, in fact, that Pitt hadn’t even been in New York during the supposed date. Aniston’s rep also dismisses the article as “another fabrication.” Of course, that’s not the only error in the tabloid’s “report.”

The magazine’s “source” also claims Pitt and Aniston had only been communicating again for the past few months, but in reality, the former spouses have actually been in contact for more than a year. As E! News reported, the two exchange occasional calls and texts, and Pitt even attended Aniston’s 50th birthday party in February. The source is completely out of the loop considering that the pair’s friendliness has been public knowledge for quite a while, which invalidates the suspicious insider’s claims about the two working things out.

Plus, this is an extremely familiar story from Woman’s Day. Just last week, the tabloid claimed Aniston had gone on a separate secret date in NYC with director Will Speck. This past August, it published an article about Pitt going on secret dates with Margot Robbie in London. Neither of those supposed incidents are mentioned in this latest secret date report, and we doubt this latest claim will make an appearance in the tabloid’s next story about the former couple.

This most recent piece doesn’t even bother to address the fact that the tabloid already declared that Pitt and Aniston went public with their renewed romance during the Venice Film Festival in September. The publication can’t keep track of the fictional narratives it creates. This is just the latest falsehood in a long line of blatantly incorrect reporting about Pitt and Aniston.


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