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Brad Pitt did not dump Jennifer Aniston for spiritual healer Sat Hari Khalsa, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. The movie star was never back together with his ex-wife, and he isn't dating Khalsa. Gossip Cop can correct the bogus story.

"Jen's Heartbreak Over Two-Timing Brad" reads a headline in the latest issue of Star. The accompanying article says that Pitt and Aniston had rekindled their romance following her split from Justin Theroux earlier this year, but he's ditched her for another woman, similarly to how he left her for Angelina Jolie.

"A lot of people thought that Brad and Jen were finally on their way to getting their happy ending, and Jen was one of them too" an alleged insider tells the magazine. The outlet goes on to note that Pitt was spotted laughing and chatting with Khalsa at at the annual Silverlake Conservatory of Music gala last month. A so-called "source" is then quoted as saying, "Though there was a room full of guests, Brad only had eyes for her."

According to the questionable tipster, "Brad and Jen had been getting closer over the past few months during secret nights together. The spark was still there, so seeing Brad with another woman is going to be a rude awakening for her." The seemingly phony source further contends that Aniston refuses to put up with Pitt's "womanizing ways," adding, "Sadly, it looks like this could be the end of Brad and Jen. This time for good."

Every aspect of the tabloid's premise is untrue. For starters, the ex-spouses never reunited. Trusted celebrity news outlets such as People magazine have reported that Pitt and Aniston "haven't seen each other in ages." Additionally, Aniston's close friend Portia de Rossi told Us Weekly she knows "for a fact" that the two "haven't seen each other."

Meanwhile, People magazine noted last week that Pitt and Khalsa are "very close, but not dating." The actor's rep also told Gossip Cop on the record that there's no romance between the two. Pitt has struck up a friendship with the spiritual healer, who's also a jewelry designer, but they're not a couple. And regardless of the nature of their relationship, Aniston doesn't fit into the picture at all.

Star is the same unreliable tabloid that digitally manipulated a photo to make it appear as if Pitt and Aniston were caught kissing earlier this year. In reality, the exes haven't been spotted together in more than a decade. This latest article is more nonsense.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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