Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Had Reunion In Paris?

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Reunion Paris

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Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Reunion Paris

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Did Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have a secret reunion in Paris? That’s what a tabloid wants readers to believe. But Gossip Cop can debunk the clearly fabricated story.

The lies begin on the cover of Woman’s Day Australia, with a teaser declaring, “Brad & Jen Hiding Out In France.” The magazine showcases what appears to be a photo of Pitt and Aniston together, but this is a deception. That outlet took a picture of Aniston in NYC back in April and, through digital editing, photoshopped Pitt into the frame. The publication is now pretending this is a real snapshot of the exes together in France recently. It 100 percent is not.

According to the article inside the issue, Pitt and Aniston were “rumored to be getting married again” earlier this year, but “seemingly agreed they were better as friends.” However, contends the tabloid, “After a hush-hush weekend reunion in Paris, it looks as though they’ve had a change of heart.” The magazine alleges Pitt “engineered the special weekend away, after cooling off” with Neri Oxman. “With Brad being based in the UK for the summer to spend time with the kids while Angelina [Jolie] is filming, he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to invite Jen over and spend some time away from L.A.,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying.

“They decided to meet in Paris given it’s somewhere they spent many happy times as a couple,” claims the supposed snitch, who alleges, “Jen flew in and met Brad at his hotel — the Shangri-La overlooking the Eiffel Tower.” The outlet goes on to contend both agreed to give their romance another go, with Aniston vowing to spend time with his brood. Maintains the purported tipster, “They only had two days together as Jen had to jet back to L.A. for work. But she’s already talking about jetting in to see him there again and says she can’t wait to start bonding with the kids.”

Tellingly, the publication never says just when this rendezvous supposedly took place. Aniston hasn’t been seen in Paris since she took a trip there with Justin Theroux in April of 2017. Furthermore, while the tabloid asserts the actress had to “jet back to L.A. for work,” Aniston has been in Montreal filming Murder Mystery for weeks.

And contrary to the above claim, Pitt isn’t “based in the UK for the summer.” His summer custody agreement with Jolie called for him to spend time in London with the children from June 8 until June 17, June 27 to July 1, and July 9 to July 14. The rest of his time has been spent in Los Angeles, where he is filming Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

There’s even more falsehoods in this piece. Pitt never dated Oxman, despite the contention about “cooling off.” And Pitt and Aniston never had any plans to get married again. In other words, everything in this article is patently false. It was also completely untrue in February when this same magazine claimed Pitt and Aniston were engaged in February, and in April, when it alleged Aniston was pregnant with Pitt’s baby. Curiously, that pregnancy contention isn’t even mentioned in this new tall tale.

Conclusion: Woman’s Day insists Pitt and Aniston had a “reunion” in Paris, but neither star has been seen there. In fact, because the outlet has no photo evidence, it photoshopped a picture of Aniston in New York in April to include a separate image of Pitt. On top of that lie, there are erroneous claims about the stars’ current whereabouts, in addition to misinformation about their pasts. There is plenty of proof showing that virtually all of the contentions are factually wrong. For this reason, we’re rating this story “fiction” on our truth meter.


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