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Did Brad Pitt rent a home where he could meet up with Jennifer Aniston "away from prying eyes"? That was the premise behind a report from exactly one year ago today. Gossip Cop said it was untrue then, and it remains false to this day.

On March 26, 2018, Woman's Day maintained Aniston and Pitt were getting together privately at a house he was renting in Los Angeles. To make its story seem more believable, the magazine alleged it had a reliable source, who shared the home was in the Hollywood hills where Pitt and the former "Friends" star could "meet up away from prying eyes."

It was never explained how the paparazzi, who routinely follow each star around Los Angeles and even as they leave their respective houses, were never able to trail them to the supposed love shack. The tabloid had no details about the property, and instead simply hinged its tale on an unnamed and unidentifiable source. Conversely, around that time Gossip Cop was assured by reps for both Aniston and Pitt the ex-spouses were not rekindling.

Now a full 12 months have passed, and while Pitt dropped by Aniston's 50th birthday party in February, they have not been having secret rendezvouses at some house in the Hollywood Hills or elsewhere. Significantly, since the publication of that article, the outlet hasn't become any more accurate with its pieces about Aniston and the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star. In fact, just a week afterwards, Gossip Cop busted the very same magazine when it swore up and down on its cover that Aniston was pregnant with Pitt's baby. Obviously that was a lie.

A few months later, Woman's Day further absurdly asserted Pitt and Aniston got secretly married. The outlet didn't fuss too much over the fact that he's still married to Angelina Jolie. And then seemingly having forgotten that it had impregnated Aniston and contended she remarried her ex-husband, the tabloid went on to insist Pitt and Charlize Theron were getting engaged. In reality, as confirmed by the actor's rep, Pitt has never even been romantically involved with the South African actress.

Lastly, Gossip Cop corrected the publication when it claimed a month ago that Pitt took Aniston on a "romantic getaway" after her birthday. Not surprisingly, the magazine did not have any proof of them going away, nor could it even offer where they supposedly vacationed together. Curiously, yet another anonymous insider was quoted in that article as saying the alleged trip was to get "away from prying eyes," the very same words used 365 days ago in the equally fictitious tale about Pitt secretly meeting up with Aniston in a secret house in the Hollywood Hills.

It's not just famous people's tweets that sometimes don't age well. A number of outlets habitually manufacture whole stories about celebrities, including Aniston and Pitt, that are provably wrong over time. Gossip Cop highlights these tales in an effort to hold these tabloids accountable for their phony claims, hoping they'll become more conscientious about their reporting in the future.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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