Brad Pitt Proposed To Jennifer Aniston Again?

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Brad Pitt Proposed Jennifer Aniston

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Brad Pitt Proposed Jennifer Aniston

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Did Brad Pitt propose to Jennifer Aniston again? That’s the question a tabloid is asking readers. Gossip Cop can provide the answer: He did not not.

A headline in the new issue of OK! Australia reads, “Jen’s Ring Riddle: Did Brad Propose Again?” The magazine writes that there are “shock reports the pair — who are believed to have secretly rekindled their relationship earlier this year in the wake of Jen’s split from Justin Theroux — are possibly giving it another go as husband and wife.” It’s asserted that “buzz that Brad had proposed to Jen again hit a fever pitch” last week when Aniston was seen “with a new ring on that finger.”

While the outlet acknowledges that “some say Jen’s new bling may be for her role in Murder Mystery,” the publication is skeptical, claiming that “its presence on her finger outside filming hours has many wondering if it’s more than just a prop.” Adds the tabloid, “Especially given that it comes hot on the heels of reports that the pair held a commitment ceremony in the backyard of the World War Z star’s LA home.” The “reports” to which the magazine refers are from In Touch and Life & Style.

The latter recently peddled a bogus tale about Pitt’s parents urging him to marry Aniston again, while the former took it a step further days later with a fabricated cover story contending Aniston and Pitt were “just married” again. At the time each piece was published, Gossip Cop explained, with evidence, why none of the claims were true. We also spoke with their individual reps, who separately confirmed the stories were “made-up” and “ridiculous.”

It’s even more ridiculous that OK! is now citing them as credible sources when they’re anything but. Contrary to what the gossip media often wants readers to believe, the exes have not reconciled. In fact, just two weeks ago E! Online did a story about Aniston moving on from Theroux, and specifically stressed that she has not “rekindled” things with Pitt, just as Gossip Cop has rightly said all along. And while the tabloid gives the impression that the “Friends” star has been seen wearing the jewelry in question multiple times, the reality is Aniston was only photographed with the ring on a single time, during the film’s production in Montreal.

Gossip Cop has also already reported that Netflix revealed in its official press release for the movie that Aniston’s character is married to Adam Sandler’s, making it practically a given that she’d be wearing such a ring for her role. Of course, it’s hardly surprising the magazine isn’t providing an accurate picture of things considering that this is the same outlet that peddled a cover story in March that falsely announced Pitt and Aniston were “out of hiding.” Perhaps needless to say, but the former spouses weren’t seen together back then and haven’t been around each other in the months since, either. In fact, Aniston’s pal Portia de Rossi recently confirmed she and Pitt “haven’t seen each other.”

Conclusion: OK! thinks Pitt may have proposed again to Aniston because she is wearing a ring and other tabloids have done stories about them remarrying. But those stories have been entirely disproven, with even the stars’ own spokespeople, who are authorized to comment on their behalf, once again confirming they haven’t gotten back together. Additionally, it has already been explained that the ring is for Aniston’s movie role, something numerous other outlets have corroborated. As such, Gossip Cop is giving this article a zero on our fact-or-fiction meter.

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OK! Australia

Brad Pitt proposed to Jennifer Aniston again.


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